Teaching Assistant Positions in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry employs many graduate student teaching assistants (TAs) to teach introductory and intermediate chemistry courses. Although the majority of our TAs are associated with the chemistry department, we often have positions available during the fall and spring semesters for TAs from other departments.

Eligibility Requirements

Graduate students with a bachelor's degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or a closely related field are eligible to apply. A minimum of two years of college chemistry is required to teach in our introductory-level General Chemistry courses (CHEM 103, 104, 108, or 109). The majority of successful applicants have also studied physical chemistry. Completion of physical chemistry is required to teach in courses beyond the introductory level.

Non-native English speakers must have a satisfactory score on the SPEAK test. International students are encouraged to apply as early as possible (during the previous semester, if possible) so that there is enough time to make arrangements for the SPEAK test.

Description of Duties

A teaching assistantship in Chemistry is a 45 percent appointment, averaging 18 hours a week over an 18 week period. Most of the positions available are in the General Chemistry courses, which include lecture, lab, and discussion. A faculty or staff instructor oversees the course and teaches the lectures. TAs are responsible for two sections of students (~22 students per section) and teach the lab and discussion classes for those students. Other responsibilities include attending lectures and staff meetings, holding office hours, proctoring exams, and grading. Responsibilities for TAs in the other courses are similar, but there will be differences depending on the course.


Teaching assignments are planned around each TA's own class schedule. Applicants need to have some open blocks of time during which they are available to teach. Those with very full class schedules can be difficult to accommodate. Exact section assignments are not finalized until about a week before the start of classes. Some lab sections meet in the evenings.

How to Apply

Please deliver a completed Chemistry TA Application, your resume, and unofficial copies of all college transcripts to the Undergraduate Chemistry Office, Room 1328 Chemistry Building. If you have taken the SPEAK test, please also provide those results. The ensured consideration date is six weeks prior to the start of the semester. However, we will continue to accept applications after this date until all positions are filled. If you are unable to deliver your application materials in person, please email them to undergrad@chem.wisc.edu. Materials may also be mailed to:

Department of Chemistry
Undergraduate Chemistry Office
Room 1328 Chemistry
University of Wisconsin–Madison
1101 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608.263.2424

Faculty Assistant (FA) Positions in Chemistry

Interested candidates who are not students need to apply as faculty assistants (FAs). Faculty Assistant positions are advertised on the Jobs at UW-Madison website. Current listing: Faculty Assistant in Chemistry for Spring 2019 (closes December 26, 2018)