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Gilbert PUPA, Dunham D, Tonner BP, Mercanti D, Ciotti MT, Perfetti P, Margaritondo G. Application of Photoelectron Spectromicroscopy to a Systematic Study of Toxic and Natural Elements in Neurons. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation. 1995 ;2:106-112.
Hwu Y, Tung CY, Pieh JY, Lee SD, Almeras P, Gozzo F, Berger H, Margaritondo G, Gilbert PUPA. First spectromicroscopy tests at the Taiwan synchrotron radiation research center (SRRC): chemical and topographic microimaging of layered systems. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors, and Associated Equipment. 1995 ;361:349-53.
Dellorto T, Almeida J, Coluzza C, Conforto E, Gilbert PUPA, Margaritondo G, Paic G, Braem A, Piuz F, Tonner BP. Laterally Resolved Measurements of Cesium Iodide Quantum Yield. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology a-Vacuum Surfaces and Films. 1995 ;13:2787-2790.
Gilbert PUPA, Desloge D, Skoczylas WP, Mercanti D, Ciotti MT, Margaritondo G, Rempfer GF. LOW-ENERGY-ELECTRON MICROSCOPY (LEEM) IMAGING OF A NEURON NETWORK. Physica Scripta. 1995 ;51:411-412.
Gilbert PUPA, Cricenti A, Generosi R, Mercanti D, Ciotti MT, Casalbore P, Margaritondo G, Perfetti P. Neurone decapping characterization by atomic force microscopy: A topological systematic analysis. Neuroreport. 1995 ;7:65-68.
Margaritondo G, Gilbert PUPA, Coluzza C. PHOTOEMISSION SPECTROMICROSCOPY IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND IN NEUROBIOLOGY. Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and related Phenomena. 1995 ;72:281-287.
Margaritondo G, Almeida J, Gilbert PUPA. Recent Progress in Synchrotron Radiation Spectroscopy and Spectromicroscopy. Hoshako. 1995 ;8:521-532.
Gilbert PUPA, Ng W, Raychaudhuri AK, Cole RK, Guo ZY, Wallace J, Margaritondo G, Cerrina F, Underwood J, Perera R, et al. Scanning Photoelectron Microscopy with Undulator Radiation - a Successful Test on Uncoated Neurons. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section a-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment. 1990 ;294:351-354.