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Mednikov EG, Dahl LF. Ion Exchange of Protons by Coinage Metals to Give Gold and Silver Encapsulation within a Pseudo-D-2d Distorted Face-Capped Pd-14 Cubic Kernel: ((14)-M)Pd-22(CO)(20)(PEt3)(8) (+) (M=Au, Ag). Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2013 ;52:7813-7817.
Mednikov EG, Vo N, Fry CG, Dahl LF. High-Yield Synthesis of PPh3-Ligated Decanuclear Tl-Pd Cluster, Pd-9 Tl(acac) (CO)(9)(PPh3)(6): Comparative Analysis of Tl(I)-Pd(0) Bonding Connectivities with Known Tl-Pd Clusters and Resulting Insight Concerning Their Dissimilar Dynamic Solution Behavio. Organometallics. 2012 ;31:2878-2886.
Mednikov EG, Dahl LF. Palladium: It Forms Unique Nanosized Carbonyl Clusters. Journal of Chemical Education. 2009 ;86:1135-1135.
Mednikov EG, Dahl LF. Nanosized Pd-37(CO)(28){P(p-Tolyl)(3)}(12) Containing Geometrically Unprecedented Central 23-Atom Interpenetrating Tri-icosahedral Palladium Kernel of Double Icosahedral Units: Its Postulated Metal-Core Evolution and Resulting Stereochemical Implications. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2008 ;130:14813-14821.
Mednikov EG, Wittayakun J, Dahl LF. Synthesis and stereochemical/electrochemical analyses of cuboctahedral-based Pd-23(CO)(x)(PR3)(10) clusters (x=20 with R-3 = Bu-3(n), Me2Ph; x=20, 21, 22 with R-3 = Et-3): Geometrically analogous Pd-23(PEt3)(10) fragments with variable carbonyl ligations. Journal of Cluster Science. 2005 ;16:429-454.
Mednikov EG, Ivanov SA, Slovokhotova IV, Dahl LF. Nanosized [Pd-52(CO)(36)(PEt3)(14)] and [Pd-66(CO)(45)-(PEt3(1))(16)] clusters based on a hypothetical pd(38) vertex-truncated upsilon(3) octahedron. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2005 ;44:6848-6854.
Mednikov EG, Fry CG, Dahl LF. The first trimetallic Pd/Tl/Co carbonyl cluster, trigonal [Pd-9{mu(3)-TlCO(CO)(3)L)(mu(2)-CO)(6)(mu(3)-CO)(3)L-6: Ligand-stabilization of the trigonal-bipyramidal [TlCo(CO)(3)L] entity. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2005 ;44:786-790.
Mednikov EG, Dahl LF. First high-nuclearity palladium halide/carbonyl/phosphine cluster, [Pd-12(mu(3)-I)(2)(mu(4)-I)(3)(mu(2)-CO)(6)(PEt3)(6)](+) monocation containing an octacapped octahedral Pd-6(mu(3)-Pd)(6)(mu(3)-I)(2) fragment: structure-to-synthesis generation from diffe. Inorganica Chimica Acta. 2005 ;358:1557-1570.
Mednikov EG, Ivanov SA, Wittayakun J, Dahl LF. Metal-ligated induced structural interconversion between Pd-23(CO)(20)(PEt3)(10) and Pd-23(CO)(20)(PEt3)(8) possessing highly dissimilar Pd-23 core-geometries. Dalton Transactions. 2003 :1686-1692.
Mednikov EG, Ivanov SA, Dahl LF. [Pd-30(CO)(26)(PEt3)(10)] and [Pd-54(CO)(40)(PEt3)(14)]: Generation of nanosized Pd-30- and Pd-54-core geometries containing interpenetrating cuboetahedral-based metal polyhedra. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2003 ;42:323-+.
Mednikov EG, Dahl LF. Acid/Base-Controlled Au-1/Au-0 Reductive Transformations of the Monogold (mu(14)-Au)Pd-22(CO)(20)(PEt3)(8) (+) Monocation into Three Different Neutral Digo Id Nanoclusters: Au2Pd21(CO)(20)(PEt3)(10), Au2Pd28(CO)(26)(PEt3)(10), and New Five-Layer Hexagonal. Inorganic Chemistry. 2015 ;54:1145-1151.
Mednikov EG, Ivanov SA, Dahl LF. Nanosized {Pd-4(mu(4)-C)}Pd-32(CO)(28)(PMe3)(14) Containing Tetrahedrally Deformed Pd-4 Cage with Encapsulated Carbide Atom: Formal Substitution of Geometrically Analogous Interior Au-4 Entity in Isostructural Au4Pd32(CO)(28)(PMe3)(14) by Electronically E. Inorganic Chemistry. 2015 ;54:6157-6168.
Mednikov EG, Ivanov SA, Dahl LF. Stabilization of thallium(I) Pd9TlPd3 sandwich monocation with octahedral-based Pd-9(CO)(9)(PMe3)(6) and Pd-3(CO)(3)(PMe3)(3) entities versus unstable Pd3Tl(I)Pd-3 sandwich monocation with Pd-3(CO)(3)(PEt3)(3) entities: Comparative computational implicati. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. 2015 ;792:229-235.