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Puffer EB, Pontrello JK, Hollenbeck JJ, Kink JA, Kiessling LL. Activating B cell signaling with defined multivalent ligands. ACS Chemical Biology. 2007 ;2:252-262.
Owen RM, Carlson CB, Xu J, Mowery P, Fasella E, Kiessling LL. Bifunctional ligands that target cells displaying the alpha(v)beta(3) integrin. Chembiochem. 2007 ;8:68-82.
Borrok JM, Kiessling LL, Forest KT. Conformational changes of glucose/galactose-binding protein illuminated by open, unliganded, and ultra-high-resolution ligand-bound structures. Protein Science. 2007 ;16:1032-1041.
Derda R, Li L, Orner BP, Lewis RL, Thomson JA, Kiessling LL. Defined substrates for human embryonic stem cell growth identified from surface arrays. ACS Chemical Biology. 2007 ;2:347-355.
McElroy EE, Pontrello JK, Kiessling LL. General strategy for the synthesis of biologically active block copolymers. Polymer Preprints. 2007 ;48:219-220.
Wangkanont K, Allen MJ, Kiessling LL. Graft co-polymers by ring-opening metathesis polymerization from a main chain containing latent monomers. Polymer Preprints. 2007 ;48:979.
Kiessling LL, Doudna JA, Johnsson K, Mapp AK, Marletta MA, Seeberger PH, Williamson JR, Wedde SG. A higher degree of difficulty. ACS Chemical Biology. 2007 ;2:197-199.
Borrok JM, Kiessling LL. Non-carbo hydrate inhibitors of the lectin DC-SIGN. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2007 ;129:12780-12785.
Carlson CB, Mowery P, Owen RM, Dykhuizen EC, Kiessling LL. Selective tumor cell targeting using low-affinity, multivalent interactions. ACS Chemical Biology. 2007 ;2:119-127.
Chad JM, Sarathy KP, Gruber TD, Addala E, Kiessling LL, Sanders DAR. Site-directed mutagenesis of UDP-Galactopyranose mutase reveals a critical role for the active-site, conserved arginine residues. Biochemistry. 2007 ;46:6723-6732.
Derda R, Wherritt DJ, Kiessling LL. Solid-phase synthesis of alkanethiols for the preparation of self-assembled monolayers. Langmuir. 2007 ;23:11164-11167.
Cairo CW, Strzelec A, Murphy RM, Kiessling LL. Affinity-based inhibition of beta-amyloid toxicity. Biochemistry. 2002 ;41:8620-8629.
Gestwicki JE, Strong LE, Cairo CW, Boehm FJ, Kiessling LL. Cell aggregation by scaffolded receptor clusters. Chemistry & Biology. 2002 ;9:163-169.
Lamanna AC, Gestwicki JE, Strong LE, Borchardt SL, Owen RM, Kiessling LL. Conserved amplification of chemotactic responses through chemoreceptor interactions. Journal of Bacteriology. 2002 ;184:4981-4987.
Cairo CW, Gestwicki JE, Kanai M, Kiessling LL. Control of multivalent interactions by binding epitope density. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002 ;124:1615-1619.
Kiessling LL, Cairo CW. Hitting the sweet spot. Nature Biotechnology. 2002 ;20:234-235.
Gestwicki JE, Cairo CW, Strong LE, Oetjen KA, Kiessling LL. Influencing receptor-ligand binding mechanisms with multivalent ligand architecture. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002 ;124:14922-14933.
Gestwicki JE, Kiessling LL. Inter-receptor communication through arrays of bacterial chemoreceptors. Nature. 2002 ;415:81-84.
Hinklin RJ, Kiessling LL. p-methoxybenzyl ether cleavage by polymer-supported sulfonamides. Organic Letters. 2002 ;4:1131-1133.
Gestwicki JE, Cairo CW, Mann DA, Owen RM, Kiessling LL. Selective immobilization of multivalent ligands for surface plasmon resonance and fluorescence microscopy. Analytical Biochemistry. 2002 ;305:149-155.