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Knipfer B, Rajeev A, Isheim D, Kirch JD, Babcock SE, Kuech TF, Earles T, Botez D, Mawst LJ. Layer-thickness dependence of the compositions in strained III-V superlattices by atom probe tomography. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2020 ;535.
Lv YN, Fu J, Jia QQ, Dong HT, Han SL, Li LJ, He LC. Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Based Label-Free Quantification Method for Assessment of Allergen-Induced Anaphylactoid Reactions. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 2020 ;31:856-863.
Stefely JA, Zhang Y, Freiberger EC, Kwiecien NW, Thomas HE, Davis AM, Lowry ND, Vincent CE, Shishkova E, Clark NA, et al. Mass spectrometry proteomics reveals a function for mammalian CALCOCO1 in MTOR-regulated selective autophagy. Autophagy. 2020 .
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Li YD, Karlen SD, Demir B, Kim H, Luterbacher J, Dumesic JA, Stahl SS, Ralph J. Mechanistic Study of Diaryl Ether Bond Cleavage during Palladium-Catalyzed Lignin Hydrogenolysis. Chemsuschem. 2020 .
Anson CW, Stahl SS. Mediated Fuel Cells: Soluble Redox Mediators and Their Applications to Electrochemical Reduction of O-2 and Oxidation of H-2, Alcohols, Biomass, and Complex Fuels. Chemical Reviews. 2020 ;120:3749-3786.
Guan YX, Rajeev A, Babcock SE, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF. Metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy of the quaternary metastable alloy In1-xGaxAs1-yBiy and its kinetics of growth. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2020 ;538.
Bishop C, Li YH, Toney MF, Yu L, Ediger MD. Molecular Orientation for Vapor-Deposited Organic Glasses Follows Rate-Temperature Superposition: The Case of Posaconazole. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2020 ;124:2505-2513.
Heim ZN, Amberger BK, Esselman B, Stanton JF, Woods RC, McMahon RJ. Molecular structure determination: Equilibrium structure of pyrimidine (m-C4H4N2) from rotational spectroscopy (r(e)(SE)) and high-level ab initio calculation (r(e)) agree within the uncertainty of experimental measurement. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2020 ;152.
Zhang F, Wyche TP, Zhu YL, Braun DR, Yan JX, Chanana S, Ge Y, Guzei IA, Chevrette MG, Currie CR, et al. MS-Derived Isotopic Fine Structure Reveals Forazoline A as a Thioketone-Containing Marine-Derived Natural Product. Organic Letters. 2020 ;22:1275-1279.
Costa FG, Greenhalgh ED, Brunold TC, Escalante-Semerena JC. Mutational and Functional Analyses of Substrate Binding and Catalysis of the Listeria monocytogenes EutT ATP:Co(I)rrinoid Adenosyltransferase. Biochemistry. 2020 ;59:1124-1136.
Kil KH, Yethiraj A, Kim JS. Nematic ordering of hard rods under strong confinement in a dense array of nanoposts. Physical Review E. 2020 ;101.
Bernath PF, Sibert EL, Dulick M. Neopentane Vibrations: High Resolution Spectra and Anharmonic Calculations. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2020 ;124:3438-3444.
Cavell AC, Krasecki VK, Li GP, Sharma A, Sun H, Thompson MP, Forman CJ, Guo SY, Hickman RJ, Parrish KA, et al. Optical monitoring of polymerizations in droplets with high temporal dynamic range. Chemical Science. 2020 ;11:2647-2656.
Lee HD, Morris HS, Laskina O, Sultana CM, Lee C, Jayarathne T, Cox JL, Wang XF, Hasenecz ES, DeMott PJ, et al. Organic Enrichment, Physical Phase State, and Surface Tension Depression of Nascent Core-Shell Sea Spray Aerosols during Two Phytoplankton Blooms. Acs Earth and Space Chemistry. 2020 ;4:650-660.
Chen ZX, Yu JG, Teerakapibal R, Meerpoel L, Richert R, Yu L. Organic glasses with tunable liquid-crystalline order through kinetic arrest of end-over-end rotation: the case of saperconazole. Soft Matter. 2020 ;16:2025-2030.
Chipman JA, Berry JF. Paramagnetic Metal-Metal Bonded Heterometallic Complexes. Chemical Reviews. 2020 ;120:2409-2447.
Cowper NGW, Chernowsky CP, Williams OP, Wickens ZK. Potent Reductants via Electron-Primed Photoredox Catalysis: Unlocking Aryl Chlorides for Radical Coupling. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2020 ;142:2093-2099.
Mensch AC, Melby ES, Laudadio ED, Foreman-Ortiz IU, Zhang YQ, Dohnalkova A, Hu DH, Pedersen JA, Hamers RJ, Orr G. Preferential interactions of primary amine-terminated quantum dots with membrane domain boundaries and lipid rafts revealed with nanometer resolution. Environmental Science-Nano. 2020 ;7:149-161.
Petti MK, Ostrander JS, Birdsall ER, Kunz MB, Armstrong ZT, Alperstein AM, Zanni MT. A Proposed Method to Obtain Surface Specificity with Pump-Probe and 2D Spectroscopies. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2020 ;124:3471-3483.
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Huang MX, Paretsky J, Schomaker JM. Rigidifying Ag(I) Complexes for Selective Nitrene Transfer. Chemcatchem. 2020 .
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Jones ZR, Niemuth NJ, Robinson ME, Shenderova OA, Klaper RD, Hamers RJ. Selective imaging of diamond nanoparticles within complex matrices using magnetically induced fluorescence contrast. Environmental Science-Nano. 2020 ;7:525-534.
McDermott WP, Venegas J, Hermans I. Selective Oxidative Cracking of n-Butane to Light Olefins over Hexagonal Boron Nitride with Limited Formation of COx. Chemsuschem. 2020 ;13:152-158.
Calero C, Sibert EL, Rey R. Self-thermophoresis at the nanoscale using light induced solvation dynamics. Nanoscale. 2020 ;12:7557-7562.
Novak GA, Vermeuel MP, Bertram TH. Simultaneous detection of ozone and nitrogen dioxide by oxygen anion chemical ionization mass spectrometry: a fast-time-response sensor suitable for eddy covariance measurements. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 2020 ;13:1887-1907.
Karimova NV, Chen J, Gord JR, Staudt S, Bertram TH, Nathanson GM, Gerber RB. S(N)2 Reactions of N2O5 with Ions in Water: Microscopic Mechanisms, Intermediates, and Products. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2020 ;124:711-720.
Thomas S, Hao L, DeLaney K, McLean D, Steinke L, Marker PC, Vezina CM, Li LJ, Ricke WA. Spatiotemporal Proteomics Reveals the Molecular Consequences of Hormone Treatment in a Mouse Model of Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction. Journal of Proteome Research. 2020 ;19:1375-1382.
Reeves RD, Kinkema CN, Landwehr EM, Vine LE, Schomaker JM. Stereodivergent Metal-Catalyzed Allene Cycloisomerizations. Synlett. 2020 ;31:627-631.
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Beasley MS, Lumley MA, Janicki TD, Fernandez RL, Manger LH, Tucholski T, Thomas NC, Whitmire LD, Lawson A, Buller AR. Student-Led Climate Assessment Promotes a Healthier Graduate School Environment. Journal of Chemical Education. 2020 ;97:643-650.
Lu GY, Xu XW, Li GY, Sun HY, Wang N, Zhu YX, Wan N, Sho YT, Wang GJ, Li LJ, et al. Subresidue-Resolution Footprinting of Ligand-Protein Interactions by Carbene Chemistry and Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry. 2020 ;92:947-956.
Orbeck JKH, Hamers RJ. Surface properties and interactions of transition metal oxide nanoparticles: A perspective on sustainability. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A. 2020 ;38.
Wu H, Liu BK, Yang K, Winston-McPherson GN, Leisten ED, Vezina CM, Ricke WA, Peterson RE, Tang WP. Synthesis and biological evaluation of FICZ analogues as agonists of aryl hydrocarbon receptor. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters. 2020 ;30.
Kougias SM, Knezz SN, Owen AN, Sanchez RA, Hyland GE, Lee DJ, Patel AR, Esselman B, Woods RC, McMahon RJ. Synthesis and Characterization of Cyanobutadiene Isomers-Molecules of Astrochemical Significance. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2020 ;85:5787-5798.
Zhang LF, Ball MR, Rivera-Dones KR, Wang SC, Kuech TF, Huber GW, Hermans I, Dumesic JA. Synthesis Gas Conversion Over Molybdenum-Based Catalysts Promoted by Transition Metals. ACS Catalysis. 2020 ;10:365-374.
Wen P, Simmons CJ, Ma ZX, Blaszczyk SA, Balzer PG, Ye WJ, Duan XY, Wang HY, Yin D, Stevens CM, et al. Synthesis of Glycosyl Chlorides and Bromides by Chelation Assisted Activation of Picolinic Esters under Mild Neutral Conditions. Organic Letters. 2020 ;22:1495-1498.
Liu JT, Ye WJ, Wang SJ, Zheng JR, Tang WP, Li XX. Synthesis of Lactams via Ir-Catalyzed C-H Amidation Involving Ir-Nitrene Intermediates. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2020 ;85:4430-4440.
Khalifa MM, Philkhana SC, Golden JE. Synthesis of Ring-Fused, N-Substituted 4-Quinolinones Using pK(a)-Guided, Base-Promoted Annulations with Isatoic Anhydrides: Total Synthesis of Penicinotam. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2020 ;85:464-481.
Banerjee R, Weisenhorn E, Schwartz KJ, Myers KS, Glasner JD, Perna NT, Coon JJ, Welch RA, Kiley PJ. Tailoring a Global Iron Regulon to a Uropathogen. Mbio. 2020 ;11.
McClintock L, Xiao R, Hou YS, Gibson C, Travaglini HC, Abramovitch D, Tan LZ, Senger RT, Fu YP, Jin S, et al. Temperature and Gate Dependence of Carrier Diffusion in Single Crystal Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite Microstructures. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 2020 ;11:1000-1006.
Buchberger AR, Sauer CS, Vu NQ, DeLaney K, Li LJ. Temporal Study of the Perturbation of Crustacean Neuropeptides Due to Severe Hypoxia Using 4-Plex Reductive Dimethylation. Journal of Proteome Research. 2020 ;19:1548-1555.
Guan YX, Luo GF, Morgan D, Babcock SE, Kuech TF. Thermodynamic stability analysis of Bi-containing III-V quaternary alloys and the effect of epitaxial strain. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids. 2020 ;138.