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Schomaker JM, Delia TJ. 2,4,6-trichloropyrimidine. Reaction with anilines. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry. 2000 ;37:1457-1462.
Rigoli JW, Boralsky LA, Hershberger JC, Marston D, Meis AR, Guzei IA, Schomaker JM. 1,4-Diazaspiro[2.2]pentanes as a Flexible Platform for the Synthesis of Diamine-Bearing Stereotriads. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2012 ;77:2446-2455.
Rigoli JW, Moyer SA, Pearce SD, Schomaker JM. alpha,beta-Unsaturated imines via Ru-catalyzed coupling of allylic alcohols and amines. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. 2012 ;10:1746-1749.
Grigg RD, Rigoli JW, Van Hoveln R, Neale S, Schomaker JM. Beyond Benzyl Grignards: Facile Generation of Benzyl Carbanions from Styrenes. Chemistry-A European Journal. 2012 ;18:9391-9396.
Grigg RD, Van Hoveln R, Schomaker JM. Copper-Catalyzed Recycling of Halogen Activating Groups via 1,3-Halogen Migration. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2012 ;134:16131-16134.
Adams CS, Boralsky LA, Guzei IA, Schomaker JM. Modular Functionalization of Allenes to Aminated Stereotriads. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2012 ;134:10807-10810.
Gladysz JA, Ball ZT, Bertrand G, Blum SA, Dong VM, Dorta R, F. Hahn E, Humphrey MG, Jones WD, Klosin J, et al. Organometallics Roundtable 2011. Organometallics. 2012 ;31:1-18.
Weatherly CD, Rigoli JW, Schomaker JM. Synthesis of 1,3-Diaminated Stereotriads via Rearrangement of 1,4-Diazaspiro 2.2 pentanes. Organic Letters. 2012 ;14:1704-1707.
Grigg DR, Rigoli JW, Pearce SD, Schomaker JM. Synthesis of Propargylic and Allenic Carbamates via the C-H Amination of Alkynes. Organic Letters. 2012 ;14:280-283.
Dolan NS, Scamp RJ, Yang T, Berry JF, Schomaker JM. Catalyst-Controlled and Tunable, Chemoselective Silver-Catalyzed Intermolecular Nitrene Transfer: Experimental and Computational Studies. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2016 ;138:14658-14667.
Gerstner NC, Adams CS, Grigg RD, Tretbar M, Rigoli JW, Schomaker JM. Diastereoselective Synthesis of the Aminocyclitol Core of Jogyamycin via an Allene Aziridination Strategy. Organic Letters. 2016 ;18:284-287.
Scamp RJ, Jirak JG, Dolan NS, Guzei IA, Schomaker JM. A General Catalyst for Site-Selective C(sp(3))-H Bond Amination of Activated Secondary over Tertiary Alkyl C(sp(3))-H Bonds. Organic Letters. 2016 ;18:3014-3017.
Touney EE, Van Hoveln R, Buttke CT, Freidberg MD, Guzei IA, Schomaker JM. Heteroleptic Nickel Complexes for the Markovnikov-Selective Hydroboration of Styrenes. Organometallics. 2016 ;35:3436-3439.
Phelps AM, Chan VS, Napolitano JG, Krabbe SW, Schomaker JM, Shekhar S. Ligand-Controlled Synthesis of Azoles via Ir-Catalyzed Reactions of Sulfoxonium Ylides with 2-Amino Heterocycles. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2016 ;81:4158-4169.
Gerstner NC, Adams CS, Tretbar M, Schomaker JM. Stereocontrolled Syntheses of Seven-Membered Carbocycles by Tandem Allene Aziridination/[4+3] Reaction. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2016 ;55:13240-13243.