Undergraduate FAQ

Class Enrollment

How do I look up classes? 

To look up classes for a specific semester, use the Schedule of Classes. You can use either the Public Class Search or your My UW Student Center. (View a demo on how to search for classes.) If you want see all classes offered, regardless of semester, use the Course Guide.  You can either use the Public Course Guide (found at the Office of the Registrar website) or you can use the My UW Course Guide Tab. (View demos for the Course Guide.) 

How do I find the semester deadlines or adding a class, dropping a class, changing credit, etc?

All deadlines can be found at the Office of the Registrar website

How do I find more information about class enrollment?

Information about class enrollment can be found at the Office of the Registrar website. (View enrollment information.)

How do I add a class after the deadline?

If you need to add a class after the add deadline but before the drop deadline, you need to get departmental permission. For chemistry classes, you can go to the Undergraduate Chemistry Office (Room 1328 Chemistry Building) and talk to the undergraduate adviser. If you need to add a class after the drop deadline, you must fill out a Course Change Request form. View information on the Course Change Request form. View a demo on the Course Change Request form. 

How do I change the number of credits for a variable credit course (e.g., 299, 681, 682, 691, 692, or 699)? 

You can change the number of credits after you've enrolled in the course but before the deadline in your MyUW Student Center. (View a demo for changing the number of credits.) After the deadline, you must fill out a Course Change Request form. (Learn more about the Course Change Request form or view a demo.)

Pre-Health Advising

I'm thinking about pursuing a career in a medical field.  How do I find more information?

UW-Madison has an excellent pre-health advising website at prehealth.wisc.edu. The website has information for students interested in medical careers. The website also has information on how students can make an appointment with one of the pre-heath advisors. 

Pre-Law Advising

I'm thinking about going to law school after I graduate. How do I find more information?

UW-Madison has an excellent pre-law advising website at prelaw.wisc.edu. The website contains information in choosing law schools, the law school fair, taking the LSAT, applying to law schools, writing a personal statement, preparing for law school, diversity in the lab profession and web resources for pre-law students. Students can make appointments with one of the pre-law advisors for more assistance. 


How do I order official transcripts?

You can order official transcripts from the Office of the Registrar. View instructions on how to do so or view a demo.

How do I order unofficial transcripts?

The unofficial transcript is called your Student Record in your MyUW Student Center. View instructions for obtaining your Student Record. A demo from the Office of the Registrar on obtaining your Student Record is also available. 


How do I know I've meet all my degree requirements for graduation?

You can check your DARS report to see if you meet all the degree requirements for graduation. If it says "All Reqts Complete Pending Final Review - In Progress Crses Used," then you will meet all the requirements for graduation once you complete course you are currently enrolled in. Since the DARS report is using your current courses, if you drop a course or change your enrollment, you might no longer meet the graduation requirements. If you are planning on graduating soon, you should run a DARS report any time you make changes to your enrollment. If the DARS report says "At Least One Requirement Has Not Been Satisfied," then you do not meet the requirements for graduation. If you have more than one major or are earning a certificate, you have to check the DARS report for each major and certificate. View a demo on how to run a DARS report.

How do I apply for graduation?

You can apply for graduation in your MyUW Student Center. You can also indicate that you want to participate in the Commencement Ceremony when you apply for graduation. Instructions for applying for graduation are available through the DoIT Knowledge Base. Or, view a demo on how to apply for graduation.

Graduate Schools

Where can I find a ranking of chemistry graduate programs?

Every few years, U.S. News & World Report ranks graduate programs. View the latest rankings for chemistry graduate programs