When traveling for a work-related purpose, you must follow the university's travel expense guidelines. Read these guidelines before traveling, booking flights, or making hotel reservations. Non-reimbursable expenses are the responsibility of the traveler.

To learn more about UW-Madison travel policies, visit the Accounting Services Travel Center.

If you haven’t made a reservation through the UW TravelWise/Concur booking tool before; if you need assistance; or if you need someone to make your travel arrangements, please contact the appropriate person for help. Graduate students must contact their path coordinator prior to making travel arrangements:


  • Set up a UWTravelWise/Concur account online.
  • Ask your PI what funding number to use for your trip (e.g., 144-PRJXXYY). Please note that 101- funds cannot be used for travel.

Register for the conference/event

Get the department credit card number from your path coordinator to purchase your conference/event registration. Print out a copy of the registration invoice/confirmation and keep it for your reimbursement documentation packet.

Make lodging/hotel arrangements

Once you have calculated the maximum hotel reimbursement rate for your travel destination, find and book appropriately priced lodging using the department credit card. You may make hotel reservations in one of two ways: (1) book the hotel room directly through the conference website or by calling the hotel and requesting the conference rate; or (2) book the hotel room through UWTravelWIse/Concur either through the online booking tool or by calling Fox World Travel at 920.230.6467. You may not use any other hotel room reservation method (e.g., Expedia,, Kayak, Priceline, Airbnb, etc.), and you will not be reimbursed if you fail to use one of the two university-approved methods for booking hotel rooms. After you make your hotel reservation, print out your confirmation and keep it for your reimbursement documentation packet.

Make transportation arrangements

  • Flying: Once you know your dates/times for travel and your funding number, book your flight through UWTravelWise/Concur. If you use the department credit card to book your flight, you must immediately provide a copy of the flight reservation confirmation to Bob Duessler in the Business Office along with the funding number. If you will be arriving early, staying late, or combining business and personal travel, refer to the bottom of this page for more information about required documentation and cost comparisons.
  • Driving: Become a UW-Madison-authorized driver at least two weeks before you travel. Learn about Driver Authorization at the UW-Madison Risk Management website and fill out the appropriate authorization request form. Also learn about UW-Madison vehicle rental and gas policies. You must be a UW-Madison Authorized Driver in order to claim reimbursement for driving a personal or rental vehicle or parking a personal, rental, or fleet vehicle.

Meal and expense reimbursement planning

  • Look up UW-Madison reimbursement rates for lodging and meals for your destination city using the UWTravelWIse/Concur rate calculator.
  • If food is provided through the event (e.g., meals are covered through your conference registration fee) you may not claim reimbursement for the meals that are provided.
  • Travelers will only be reimbursed for up to 75% of the per diem rate for the first and last days of travel.
  • Some faculty members allow group members to claim the UW-Madison per diem rate for meal and incidental reimbursement. Other faculty members allow group members to claim reimbursement only for the amount of money actually spent on meals and incidentals while traveling, rather than the full per diem amount. Either way, please save your receipts while traveling. If you are unsure of your group's policy, please ask your PI.


  • Get a detailed invoice from the hotel when you check out. If sharing a room, make sure that each individual's name appears on the hotel invoice in order for multiple travelers to use the same invoice for expense reimbursement requests.
  • Save any receipts over $25. To be on the safe side, save all of your receipts from the trip until your reimbursement has been processed.




You must submit your reimbursement request within 90 days after your trip.

  1. Submit an online reimbursement request through:

  2. Submit paper copies of reimbursement documentation:
    Once you submit your request for reimbursement through either GET or E-Reimbursement, you must also compile a reimbursement documentation packet that includes paper copies of the following information, put everything into an envelope provided for you in the Business Office, and submit to Dennis Reece:
  • Printout of GET or E-Reimbursement report sheet
  • Short paragraph explaining the 'business purpose' of your trip. This explains how your trip will benefit the department. Please do not use acronyms (i.e., say ‘American Chemical Society meeting’ rather than ‘ACS meeting’). If you are using GET to submit your reimbursement, this field will be included in your GET report sheet printout. Sample business purpose: "Presenting a research poster to exchange scientific information and benefit future research collaborations."
  • Printout of the conference/event website homepage or conference/event agenda or conference/event acceptance letter showing dates and location
  • Photocopy of event nametag or program (evidence that you attended)
  • Detailed hotel invoice
  • Registration fee invoice/registration confirmation
  • Copies of any receipts over $25
  • Printout of the maximum reimbursement rate for your travel destination