Safety Policy Updates: June 2017

One behalf of the Safety Committee I would like to make you aware of the following issues and decisions: 

  • Earbuds (as well as loud music) are NOT allowed in the labs or stock room. They are acceptable in office space as long as you can hear the alarm and communication by others.
  • Do NOT move or transport gas cylinders without cap.
  • Whenever transporting liquids, you have to use a secondary container. That is also the case for NMR samples. You will not be allowed to leave the stock room with chemicals is you do not check them out with a secondary container
  • Take care how you dispose broken glass and sharps: Do NOT mix them! 
  • We remind everyone of the importance of proper personal protective equipment whenever manipulating chemicals. We want professional behavior at all times and count on your help to make safety a priority. 
  • Undergraduate students and high school students are not allowed to buy chemicals at the stock room. You are under no circumstances allowed to give other people your stockroom ID to check out on your behalf. 
  • The Safety Incident Report Form should be completed as soon as possible, even for minor incidents. They help us to improve and document where we stand as a department. In case you cannot formulate a way to prevent the incident from happening in the future, do NOT write that the incident could not have been avoided. That is absolute unacceptable. In that case, just write that you need more time to analyze what went wrong and how it could have been prevented and follow up afterwards with an email to Jeff and me. This line is not in the document to blame you for doing something wrong or unthoughtful but to reflect on how we can reduce the number of accidents. 

Thank you for your cooperation and help to continue improving safety in the Chemistry Department! 

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Professor Ive Hermans
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