Safety News: September 2016

Updating Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) List

If your group's CHO recently has changed, please email Libby Dowdall ( with the name of the former CHO and the name and email of the new CHO. See the current list of CHOs.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The Safety Committee has begun posting SOPs on the department Safety webpage. Please visit the Safety page and read the newly documented SOPs for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Safety Training, and Transporting Chemicals. Additional SOPs will be documented and posted soon.

Lab Coats in Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Labs

All students are now required to wear lab coats for undergraduate organic chemistry lab courses. The lab coats have been sold during the lab manual sale period at the Mills St. entrance. Organic chemistry lab TAs and FAs have received free lab coats from the department.

Fire Alarm Testing

All campus fire alarms will be tested this month. If you’re unsure about where to go during a fire alarm, please read the Building Evacuation Route sheet near your office, lab, or classroom.

Please contact Professor Ive Hermans (, Safety Committee chair, or Jeff Nielsen ( with questions related to safety.
Visit the Safety webpage to learn about department policies and resources related to safety.

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Ive Hermans
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