Professor Samuel Gellman Receives 2013 Makineni Lectureship from APS

Professor Samual GellmanIn June, at the 23rd American Peptide Symposium in Hawaii, the Makineni Lectureship was awarded to Sam Gellman, the Ralph F. Hirschmann Professor of Chemistry at UW-Madison. The American Peptide Society awards the Makineni Lectureship biennially in honor of Rao Makineni, a long time proponent of peptide science and peptide scientists. The award recognizes an individual who is an accomplished speaker and has made a “recent contribution of unusual merit to research in the field of peptide science.” Major accomplishments in his research program include the development and application of unnatural polypeptides, “foldamers,” that mimic protein-like behavior and exhibit biologically active properties. His work has also provided fundamental insights into the interactions and conformational preferences of peptides and proteins. 

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