Payroll and Benefits

Payroll and Benefits Contacts

Contact Char Horsfall, 608-262-5927, Room 1120,

  • Post-degree-completion employees
  • Academic staff
  • Faculty
  • Visas
  • Notary services
  • Short-term academic staff

Contact Marc Willadsen, 608-265-9227, Room 1124,

  • Graduate students
  • Student hourlies
  • University staff
  • Limited-term employees (LTEs)

Additional information:

Information for International Students and Staff

All foreign national employees receiving funds through UW-Madison payroll must provide their visa/immigration history through Glacier. Following their entry into Glacier, international students and staff must deliver all Glacier-generated reports and tax treaty forms, along with their immigration document photocopies, to their payroll person, who is identified by Glacier. Employees can request a Glacier account by sending an email to the Service Center at This email should include your full legal name, date of birth, and email address. In your email, please also indicate whether you're paid monthly or biweekly. For more information, please visit the International Student Services (ISS) website.

What is Glacier?

UW-Madison uses Glacier to ensure that we are taxing foreign nationals correctly. More information on Glacier and instructions on how to use it are available here.

F-1, J-1, and other status end date changes

If you are in the U.S. on F-1 status, you need to speak with International Student Services (ISS). If you are here on F-1 OPT, you will need to contact your sponsoring institution.

Contact Char Horsfall for all other immigration status inquiries, including H-1B and J-1 Scholar status.

After you receive an extension, please bring your new documents to your payroll person in the Chemistry Business Office so that we can update your I-9 Employment verification. If you hold a paid position, you will also need to update your Glacier account.

Hours limit for international student employees

International students may only work 20 hours per week while classes are in session. During breaks (summer ,spring break, holiday break) international students may work more than 40 hours.

Common Benefits Changes & Questions

Loss of Other Health Insurance Coverage (i.e. age 26)
If you lose other health insurance coverage and would like to enroll in the UW's state group health insurance, you must complete a health insurance enrollment form and submit proof of loss of other coverage within 30 days of your loss of coverage.  The completed paperwork should be submitted to Char Horsfall or Marc Willadsen.

Changing your home or work address

Go to My UW, then select Work Record > Personal Information > Update My Personal Information at the bottom. To update your work address, please contact your payroll person in the Chemistry Business Office.

If you have benefits, you will need to updated your address with your health insurance as well. Please see Char Horsfall with any questions.

Adding a child to insurance

Please be sure to see your payroll person as soon as you can after birth, adoption, or gaining custody of a foster child. You can only add new dependents to your insurance within 30 days after a birth, adoption, or custody change. More information:

Adding a spouse to insurance

Please be sure to see your payroll person as soon as you can after your marriage. You only have 30 days after the marriage during which you can add new dependents to your insurance. More information:

Changing your name

To change your name, please complete the form at and return it to your payroll person in the Chemistry Business Office.

Changing direct deposit information

Direct deposit accounts can be updated through your MyUW portal in the Payroll Information area.

Changing tax withholding information (W-4)

Download the W-4 form at Complete the form and return it to your payroll person in the Chemistry Business Office. This can be done at any time throughout the year.

Pay Schedules

Depending on your employee classification, you will be paid once a month or bi-weekly. Student hourlies and university staff are paid bi-weekly. Faculty, academic staff, and graduate assistants are paid monthly.  See:  2020 Pay Schedule