Inorganic Chemistry Ph.D. Requirements

Last updated 11/09/2016

Forms for Evaluations

Year 1

Core course work requirements:
  1. Chem 608: Symmetry, Bonding, and Molecular Shapes
  2. Chem 713: Chemistry of the Elements
  3. Chem 900: Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Course
You will also have to satisfy the minor requirements set by the university.

Year 2

Thesis preliminary exam format:
  1. Written component: A 15-20 page written summary (due Jan. 15)
  2. Oral component: A 15-minute presentation to your faculty committee (not open to the public, to be completed by April 30 at the latest).
Your faculty mentoring committee will typically evaluate your progress in four key areas:
  1. Knowledge of the scientific literature in your research area
  2. Ability to apply information learned in courses to research problems
  3. Demonstrated progress to date in Ph.D. research
  4. Demonstrated understanding of the scientific method through a coherent explanation of the objectives, goals, and approach for the Ph.D. research yet to be completed.

Year 3

Original research proposal format:
  1. Written component: A limit of 10 pages in Arial 11-point font due Jan. 31. The written components will be reviewed by the faculty to determine whether the proposal can be defended, whether it needs to be revised, or whether a new proposal is needed.
  2. Oral component: A 20-minute defense of the proposal to your faculty committee (not open to the public).
The purpose of the original research proposal is to provide experience in developing and presenting new ideas for research. The student needs to identify a research goal that is significant and achievable, choose a suitable approach, and describe the major steps and techniques required to reach that goal.
The student’s mentor committee, evaluates the written proposal and oral presentation.

Year 4

Research presentation format: 
  1. Oral component: A 45- to 50-minute public presentation in the inorganic chemistry seminar series, allowing for 10-15 minutes of questions from attendees. Your faculty mentoring committee will meet with you immediately after the seminar to share their impressions with you.
  2. Written component: An abstract of your seminar, in ACS style (500-600 words).

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