How to Apply to the Graduate PhD Program in Chemistry

Contact: Dr. Arrietta Clauss, Director of Graduate Student Services,
Phone: 608.262.0363, Toll-free: 888.997.2436

Application Deadlines

  • Application deadline for Fall 2020 admission and fellowship consideration: December 1, 2019

8 Steps to a Complete Admissions Application

1. Complete the Graduate School Application form online. Note: when applying to the chemistry Ph.D. program, you are applying to the Graduate School at UW-Madison. See the Graduate School's Admissions FAQ for more information. Be sure to click the submit button when the application is complete.

2. Complete the "Supplemental Application", which is available with the online Graduate School Application in Step 1. You must select "Save" after you complete this section or it will not be transmitted.  

3. Upload unofficial transcripts as pdfs for each insitution attended in the Supplemental Application. Universities attended as part of a study abroad program do not need to be included if the coursework is reflected on your current institution transcripts. Unofficial transcripts, accessible through student accounts via the university website, are acceptable.  If you request an official transcript from the university, please print the transcript and re-create an electronic version before you add it to the supplemental application.  This will remove the formatting that causes the transcript to be encrypted and unable to be viewed by the faculty.

     Official transcripts are only required if you are accepted into the chemistry PhD graduate program. The Graduate School will send you information about how to submit an official transcript.

4. Submit official GRE general test scores. (Institution code is 1846.  You may leave the department code blank.)

5. Submit official TOEFL test scores if native language is not English. (Institution code is 1846.  You may leave the department code blank.)

  • International students who have studied in the U.S. and completed the equivalant of two semesters of full-time graded coursework are exempt from the TOEFL requirement.

6. Upload a pdf attachment of your "Reasons for Graduate Study/Statement of Purpose" essay and CV. See the Department of Chemistry Admission FAQs for more information.

7.  Submit contact information for three letters of recommendation. The Graduate School contacts the recommenders using the contact information in the online application. Additional instructions for electronic submission of recommendation letters can be found here. 

8. Complete payment of the $75 application fee via credit card. International students have an added $6 fee for the additional processing, for a total of $81. Information about fee waivers can be found here or at chemistry admissions FAQ.

If you receive an offer and made a decison, please fill out the "Admission Response Form". Decisions should be made by April 15.

View chemistry admissions FAQ.

View Graduate School application and fees FAQ.