Department Climate Task Force


On June 21, 2016, Professor and Chair Robert McMahon appointed a special task force to recommend and implement actions to address issues related to department climate. The term of appointment for this task force begins June 21, 2016 and ends Sept. 30, 2017, with a determination to be made in September 2017 concerning the best course of action moving forward.

Task Force Membership

  • Graduate Student-Faculty Liaison Committee
  • Graduate Curriculum Committee
  • Climate/Diversity Committee

Task Force Coordinating Committee

  • Chair: Professor Judith Burstyn
  • GSFLC representatives: Sarah Specht (GSFLC co-chair), Maddie Beasley (graduate student), Victor Outlaw (postdoc)
  • Graduate Curriculum Committee chair: Professor Steve Burke
  • Climate/Diversity Committee chair: Professor Mark Ediger
  • Academic staff representatives: Arrietta Clauss, Charlie Fry
  • University staff representatives: Karen Stephens, Cecilia Stodd