Declaring the Major

Students who are interested in the chemistry major are encouraged to declare the major no later than the end of their sophomore year. There are many advantages to declaring the chemistry major early, including access to chemistry advising, access to scholarships only available to chemistry majors, and access to announcements for chemistry majors. Students who have declared the major become a part of our chemistry community, enabling them to better connect with faculty, staff and other chemistry majors.

We recommend that students meet the criteria below before declaring. The purpose of these criteria is to encourage students to explore chemistry beyond the introductory level, while at the same time exploring their other fields of interest. The purpose of the GPA recommendation is to ensure that students are prepared for the rigor of the major.

Recommendations for declaring the chemistry major are:

  1. Completion of General Chemistry (either Chem 103 and 104, or Chem 109, or Chem 115 and 116);
  2. Completion of at least one additional chemistry class after General Chemistry (Chem 116 counts);
  3. A minimum 2.5 chemistry GPA, averaged over all chemistry classes taken at UW-Madison.

It is recommended that transfer students first complete at least one chemistry class at UW-Madison and have a minimum 2.5 chemistry GPA, averaged over all chemistry classes taken at UW-Madison, before declaring the major.

Students who are ready to declare the major are invited to schedule an appointment with the undergraduate adviser to develop a 4-year plan and to declare.