Climate and Diversity Committee

The Department of Chemistry is dedicated to cultivating a climate that is both supportive and empowering for all department members. We respect and encourage the diversity of our student body, and recognize that discrimination in any form weakens our community as a whole. We deeply value creating an environment where everyone is able to thrive and accomplish what they have set out to achieve. The Department continues to strive towards its mission of having an environment where members feel valued, respected, connected to their work, and empowered to contribute.

We seek to foster a community that encourages diversity of individuals and ideas. Our efforts include:

We urge everyone to strive towards making the department a welcoming and supportive community. As a part of this commitment, we ask that if you experience or observe incidents that you perceive as harassment or detrimental to the department climate, to please contact any member of the Chemistry Ombuds Group: Arrietta Clauss, Heike Hofstetter, Laura Kiessling, and Clark Landis. Alternately, feel free to contact Professor Judith Burstyn (department chair), Matt Sanders (executive director), Pat Egan (department manager), members of the Climate and Diversity Committee (see list below), or the UW-Madison Office of Equity and Diversity.

2016-17 Climate and Diversity Committee members:
Mark Ediger (Chair)Cheri BartaArrietta Clauss, Kayla Driscoll, Kristi Heming, Heike Hofstetter, Matt Sanders

See a list of climate and diversity resources maintained by the Climate and Diversity Committee.