Chemistry 344 Office Hours

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Nick Hill (B330A) - Mon 2:00 PM and Tue 10:00 AM (CHEM 344 only). Other times available by appointment. 

Brian Esselman (B324A) - Tues. 3:30 PM and Thurs. 2:30 PM in Rm B324 (CHEM 344 and 345 combined).

Teaching Assistants (B317) - All Teaching Assistants for CHEM 341/342/343/344/345/346 hold regular office hours during the Spring and Fall semesters.  You are welcome to attend any office hour session that fits with your schedule.  Any organic chemistry TA should be able to assist you.  Full Organic TA Office Hour Schedule

Piazza - All CHEM 344 content-related questions should be directed to Piazza and not sent via email to either the TAs or laboratory directors.  Content questions received via email will not be answered but instead directed to Piazza.  

Piazza is an online resource where you can post questions, post answers to other students' questions, and receive answers to your questions from the course instructors.  Please remember to be clear and unambiguous when wording your questions on Piazza.  Pictures of structures from ChemDraw, screen shots, or scanned images are highly encouraged.  Piazza can be accessed from within Learn@UW by the link shown below.