Business Office Staff Covering Assistant to the Chair Duties

Dennis Reece, assistant to the chair, retired on Feb. 4. We are in the process of hiring to fill this position and hope to have someone new in the position within a few weeks.

In the meantime, we have spread this position's duties across several people in the Business Office:

  • E-reimbursement approver: Quinn Lorang
  • Lot 56 visitor parking passes: Pat Egan and Business Office student workers
  • Short-term staffing: Matt Sanders or Char Horsfall
  • International staff visa or I-9 issues: Pat Egan or Char Horsfall
  • UW Foundation fund transfers: Pat Egan or Quinn Lorang
  • Reception and general questions: Chad Skemp and Business Office student workers
Contact Name: 
Pat Egan
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