Alumni Carol Mohler and Ted Stokich Honored for Innovation and Teamwork at Dow

Dr. Carol Mohler Dr. Ted Stokich

A team of current and former Dow Chemical scientists has received the 2017 ACS Award for Team Innovation. The 1990s-era team developed a “high-performance polymeric material, benzocyclobutene, which enabled the microelectronics industry to miniaturize integrated circuit packaging.”

The team includes Robert DeVries, Philip Garrou, Carol Mohler (Ph.D. ’85, Cornwell), Theodore “Ted” Stokich Jr. (Ph.D. ’88, Schrag), and Eric Moyer.

“These individuals brought together an ensemble of complementary skills from a variety of scientific disciplines including organic chemistry, polymer science, photochemistry, analytical science, and materials science,” says David Bem, former R&D vice president of advanced materials at Dow.

Mohler is now a principal research scientist at Dow. Stokich retired as a senior research chemist at Dow.

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