Academic Staff Committee

Committee Charge

The charge of the committee is to coordinate award nominations AND serve as a forum for addressing other issues of concern to the respective constituencies.  As Executive Director, Matt Sanders will be an ex officio member of the committee and will be liaison to the Finance Committee.


  • Ilia Guzei (chair), Molecular Structure Laboratory director
  • Cheri Barta, undergraduate research director
  • Desiree Bates, computational chemistry leader
  • Tracy Drier, master glassblower
  • Kayla Driscoll, assistant to the chair
  • Tracey Reitz, Chemistry Learning Center faculty associate
  • Matt Sanders, executive director
  • Michael Schwartz, Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology director
  • Bob Shanks, senior instrument technologist
  • Amy Tatarsky, faculty assistant

Chemistry Department Annual Academic Staff Award

Meeting Minutes