Qiang Cui (QC)

I often ask people to call me "QC" 'cause (1) it's much easier than the original (Chinese) pronounication of my full name; (2) it maps well to our research: Quantum Chemistry, Quantum/Classical, Quasi-Continuum ... qc I graduated (1993) from the Chemical Physics program in the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). After receiving Ph.D. (1997) from Emory with Professor Keiji Morokuma, a renowned quantum chemist, I did postdoctoral research with Professor Martin Karplus (2013 Nobel laureate) at Harvard. In 2001, I joined UW-Madison. Currently (as in the summer of 2010) I am a Professor of Chemistry, and affiliated with several other programs at UW-Madison.

While not working (not sure how often), I enjoy traveling, reading about (science) history, music, art, somewhat esoteric topics, playing with my kids....and am a hopeless fan of sci-fi movies such as Star Wars:-)

A more professional but old CV is here . Google Scholar profile.