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Julian BA, Wittke S, Novak J, Good DM, Coon JJ, Kellmann M, Zuerbig P, Schiffer E, Haubitz M, Moldoveanu Z, et al. Electrophoretic methods for analysis of urinary polypeptides in IgA-associated renal diseases. Electrophoresis. 2007 ;28:4469-4483.
McAlister GC, Phanstiel D, Good DM, Berggren TW, Coon JJ. Implementation of electron-transfer dissociation on a hybrid linear ion trap-orbitrap mass spectrometer. Analytical Chemistry. 2007 ;79:3525-3534.
Swaney DL, McAlister GC, Phanstiel D, Brumbaugh J, Keith J, Ficarro SB, Feng X, Ruotti V, Stewart R, Thomson JA, et al. New technology to detect and monitor the post-translational modification events that commit human embryonic stem cells to exit the pluripotent state. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. 2007 ;6:36-36.
Good DM, Wirtala M, McAlister GC, Coon JJ. Performance characteristics of electron transfer dissociation mass spectrometry. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. 2007 ;6:1942-1951.
Khidekel N, Ficarro SB, Clark PM, Bryan MC, Swaney DL, Rexach JE, Sun YE, Coon JJ, Peters EC, Hsieh-Wilson LC. Probing the dynamics of O-GlcNAc glycosylation in the brain using quantitative proteomics. Nature Chemical Biology. 2007 ;3:339-348.
Swaney DL, McAlister GC, Wirtala M, Schwartz JC, Syka JEP, Coon JJ. Supplemental activation method for high-efficiency electron-transfer dissociation of doubly protonated peptide precursors. Analytical Chemistry. 2007 ;79:477-485.
Lecchi S, Nelson CJ, Allen KE, Swaney DL, Thompson KL, Coon JJ, Sussman MR, Slayman CW. Tandem phosphorylation of Ser-911 and Thr-912 at the C terminus of yeast plasma membrane H+-ATPase leads to glucose-dependent activation. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2007 ;282:35471-35481.