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McAlister GC, Phanstiel D, Good DM, Berggren TW, Coon JJ. Implementation of electron-transfer dissociation on a hybrid linear ion trap-orbitrap mass spectrometer. Analytical Chemistry. 2007 ;79:3525-3534.
Swaney DL, McAlister GC, Phanstiel D, Brumbaugh J, Keith J, Ficarro SB, Feng X, Ruotti V, Stewart R, Thomson JA, et al. New technology to detect and monitor the post-translational modification events that commit human embryonic stem cells to exit the pluripotent state. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. 2007 ;6:36-36.
Good DM, Wirtala M, McAlister GC, Coon JJ. Performance characteristics of electron transfer dissociation mass spectrometry. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. 2007 ;6:1942-1951.
Khidekel N, Ficarro SB, Clark PM, Bryan MC, Swaney DL, Rexach JE, Sun YE, Coon JJ, Peters EC, Hsieh-Wilson LC. Probing the dynamics of O-GlcNAc glycosylation in the brain using quantitative proteomics. Nature Chemical Biology. 2007 ;3:339-348.
Swaney DL, McAlister GC, Wirtala M, Schwartz JC, Syka JEP, Coon JJ. Supplemental activation method for high-efficiency electron-transfer dissociation of doubly protonated peptide precursors. Analytical Chemistry. 2007 ;79:477-485.
Lecchi S, Nelson CJ, Allen KE, Swaney DL, Thompson KL, Coon JJ, Sussman MR, Slayman CW. Tandem phosphorylation of Ser-911 and Thr-912 at the C terminus of yeast plasma membrane H+-ATPase leads to glucose-dependent activation. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2007 ;282:35471-35481.