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Schreier M, Luo J, Gao P, Moehl T, Mayer MT, Graetzel M. Covalent Immobilization of a Molecular Catalyst on Cu2O Photocathodes for CO2 Reduction. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2016 ;138:1938-1946.
Luo J, Steier L, Son M-K, Schreier M, Mayer MT, Graetzel M. Cu2O Nanowire Photocathodes for Efficient and Durable Solar Water Splitting. Nano Letters. 2016 ;16:1848-1857.
Fumagalli F, Bellani S, Schreier M, Leonardi S, Rojas HComas, Ghadirzadeh A, Tullii G, Savoini A, Marra G, Meda L, et al. Hybrid organic-inorganic H-2-evolving photocathodes: understanding the route towards high performance organic photoelectrochemical water splitting. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 2016 ;4:2178-2187.
Zhang X, Xu Y, Giordano F, Schreier M, Pellet N, Hu Y, Yi C, Robertson N, Hua J, Zakeeruddin SM, et al. Molecular Engineering of Potent Sensitizers for Very Efficient Light Harvesting in Thin-Film Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2016 ;138:10742-10745.
Lau GPS, Schreier M, Vasilyev D, Scopelliti R, Gratzel M, Dyson PJ. New Insights Into the Role of Imidazolium-Based Promoters for the Electroreduction of CO2 on a Silver Electrode. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2016 ;138:7820-7823.
Rojas HComas, Bellani S, Fumagalli F, Tullii G, Leonardi S, Mayer MT, Schreier M, Gratzel M, Lanzani G, Di Fonzo F, et al. Polymer-based photocathodes with a solution-processable cuprous iodide anode layer and a polyethyleneimine protective coating. Energy & Environmental Science. 2016 ;9:3710-3723.
Azevedo J, S. Tilley D, Schreier M, Stefik M, Sousa C, Araujo JPedro, Mendes A, Gratzel M, Mayer MT. Tin oxide as stable protective layer for composite cuprous oxide water-splitting photocathodes. Nano Energy. 2016 ;24:10-16.
Schreier M, Gao P, Mayer MT, Luo J, Moehl T, Nazeeruddin MK, S. Tilley D, Graetzel M. Efficient and selective carbon dioxide reduction on low cost protected Cu2O photocathodes using a molecular catalyst. Energy & Environmental Science. 2015 ;8:855-861.
Schreier M, Curvat L, Giordano F, Steier L, Abate A, Zakeeruddin SM, Luo J, Mayer MT, Graetzel M. Efficient photosynthesis of carbon monoxide from CO2 using perovskite photovoltaics. Nature Communications. 2015 ;6.
Steier L, Luo J, Schreier M, Mayer MT, Sajavaara T, Graetzel M. Low-Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of Crystalline and Photoactive Ultrathin Hematite Films for Solar Water Splitting. ACS Nano. 2015 ;9:11775-11783.
Luo J, S. Tilley D, Steier L, Schreier M, Mayer MT, Fan HJin, Graetzel M. Solution Transformation of Cu2O into CuInS2 for Solar Water Splitting. Nano Letters. 2015 ;15:1395-1402.
Luo J, Li Z, Nishiwaki S, Schreier M, Mayer MT, Cendula P, Lee YHui, Fu K, Cao A, Nazeeruddin MKhaja, et al. Targeting Ideal Dual-Absorber Tandem Water Splitting Using Perovskite Photovoltaics and CuInxGa1-xSe2 Photocathodes. Advanced Energy Materials. 2015 ;5.
Dias P, Schreier M, S. Tilley D, Luo J, Azevedo J, Andrade L, Bi D, Hagfeldt A, Mendes A, Graetzel M, et al. Transparent Cuprous Oxide Photocathode Enabling a Stacked Tandem Cell for Unbiased Water Splitting. Advanced Energy Materials. 2015 ;5.