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Steinmiller EMP, Choi KS. Anodic construction of lamellar structured ZnO films using basic media via interfacial surfactant templating. Langmuir. 2007 ;23:12710-12715.
Siegfried MJ, Choi KS. Conditions and mechanism for the anodic deposition of cupric oxide films in slightly acidic aqueous media. Journal of the Electrochemical Society. 2007 ;154:D674-D677.
Franklin AD, Smith JT, Sands T, Fisher TS, Choi KS, Janes DB. Controlled decoration of single-walled carbon nanotubes with Pd nanocubes. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2007 ;111:13756-13762.
Yarger MS, Steinmiller EMP, Choi KS. Electrochemical synthesis of cobalt hydroxide films with tunable interlayer spacings. Chemical Communications. 2007 :159-161.
Choi KS, Steinmiller EMP, Yarger MS. Electrochemical synthesis of lamellar structured inorganic films using interfacial surfactant templating. Materials Research Society Symposia Proceedings. 2007 ;972:91-96.
Spray RL, Choi KS. Electrochemical synthesis of SnO2 films containing three-dimensionally organized uniform mesopores via interfacial surfactant templating. Chemical Communications. 2007 :3655-3657.
Bentley AK, Weaver GC, Russell CB, Fornes WL, Choi KS, Shih SM. Modifying optical properties of ZnO films by forming Zn1-xCoxO solid solutions via spray pyrolysis. Journal of Chemical Education. 2007 ;84:1183-1185.
Santato C, Lopez CM, Choi KS. Synthesis and characterization of polycrystalline Sn and SnO2 films with wire morphologies. Electrochemistry Communications. 2007 ;9:1519-1524.