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McGrath NA, Raines RT. Diazo compounds as highly tunable reactants in 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions with cycloalkynes. Chemical Science. 2012 ;3:3237-3240.
Palte MJ, Raines RT. Interaction of Nucleic Acids with the Glycocalyx. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2012 ;134:6218-6223.
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Palte MJ, Davis AKF, McGrath NA, Spiegel CA, Raines RT. Ribonucleoside 3'-Phosphates as Pro-Moieties for an Orally Administered Drug. Chemmedchem. 2012 ;7:1361-1364.
Krow GR, Shoulders MD, Edupuganti R, Gandla D, Yu F, Sonnet PE, Sender M, Choudhary A, DeBrosse C, Ross CW, et al. Synthesis of 5-Fluoro- and 5-Hydroxymethanoprolines via Lithiation of N-BOC-methanopyrrolidines. Constrained C-gamma-Exo and C-gamma-Endo Flp and Hyp Conformer Mimics. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2012 ;77:5331-5344.
Levine MN, Raines RT. Trimethyl lock: a trigger for molecular release in chemistry, biology, and pharmacology. Chemical Science. 2012 ;3:2412-2420.
Desai KK, Raines RT. tRNA Ligase Catalyzes the GTP-Dependent Ligation of RNA with 3 '-Phosphate and 5 '-Hydroxyl Termini. Biochemistry. 2012 ;51:1333-1335.
Vasta JD, Higgin JJ, Kersteen EA, Raines RT. Bioavailable affinity label for collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylase. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. 2013 ;21:3597-3601.
Sundlass NK, Eller CH, Cui Q, Raines RT. Contribution of Electrostatics to the Binding of Pancreatic-Type Ribonucleases to Membranes. Biochemistry. 2013 ;52:6304-6312.
Chou HH, Raines RT. Conversion of Azides into Diazo Compounds in Water. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2013 ;135:14936-14939.
Aronoff MR, VanVeller B, Raines RT. Detection of Boronic Acids through Excited-State Intramolecular Proton-Transfer Fluorescence. Organic Letters. 2013 ;15:5382-5385.
VanVeller B, Aronoff MR, Raines RT. A divalent protecting group for benzoxaboroles. Rsc Advances. 2013 ;3:21331-21334.
Marshall CJ, Agarwal N, Kalia J, Grosskopf VA, McGrath NA, Abbott NL, Raines RT, Shusta EV. Facile Chemical Functionalization of Proteins through Intein-Linked Yeast Display. Bioconjugate Chemistry. 2013 ;24:1634-1644.
Chao TY, Raines RT. Fluorogenic label to quantify the cytosolic delivery of macromolecules. Molecular Biosystems. 2013 ;9:339-342.
Levine MN, Hoang TT, Raines RT. Fluorogenic Probe for Constitutive Cellular Endocytosis. Chemistry & Biology. 2013 ;20:614-618.
Rutkoski TJ, Kink JA, Strong LE, Raines RT. Human Ribonuclease with a Pendant Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Inhibits Tumor Growth in Mice. Transl Oncol. 2013 ;6:392-397.
Bartlett GJ, Newberry RW, VanVeller B, Raines RT, Woolfson DN. Interplay of Hydrogen Bonds and n ->pi* Interactions in Proteins. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2013 ;135:18682-18688.
Kamer KJ, Choudhary A, Raines RT. Intimate Interactions with Carbonyl Groups: Dipole-Dipole or n ->pi*?. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2013 ;78:2099-2103.
Choudhary A, Fry CG, Kamer KJ, Raines RT. An n -> pi* interaction reduces the electrophilicity of the acceptor carbonyl group. Chemical Communications. 2013 ;49:8166-8168.
Newberry RW, VanVeller B, Guzei IA, Raines RT. n ->pi* Interactions of Amides and Thioamides: Implications for Protein Stability. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2013 ;135:7843-7846.
Newberry RW, Raines RT. n ->pi(star) interactions in poly(lactic acid) suggest a role in protein folding. Chemical Communications. 2013 ;49:7699-7701.
Riccio G, D'Avino C, Raines RT, De Lorenzo C. A novel fully human antitumor ImmunoRNase resistant to the RNase inhibitor. Protein Engineering Design & Selection. 2013 ;26:243-248.
Caes BR, Palte MJ, Raines RT. Organocatalytic conversion of cellulose into a platform chemical. Chemical Science. 2013 ;4:196-199.
Arnold U, Huck BR, Gellman SH, Raines RT. Protein prosthesis: beta-peptides as reverse-turn surrogates. Protein Science. 2013 ;22:274-279.
Guzei IA, Choudhary A, Raines RT. Pyramidalization of a carbonyl C atom in (2S)-N-(selenoacetyl)proline methyl ester. Acta Crystallographica Section E. 2013 ;69:o805-o806.
Caes BR, Van Oosbree TR, Lu FC, Ralph J, Maravelias CT, Raines RT. Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography: Separation and Recovery of Sugars and Ionic Liquid from Biomass Hydrolysates. Chemsuschem. 2013 ;6:2083-2089.
Desai KK, Bingman CA, Phillips GN, Raines RT. Structures of the Noncanonical RNA Ligase RtcB Reveal the Mechanism of Histidine Guanylylation. Biochemistry. 2013 ;52:2518-2525.
Lukesh JC, VanVeller B, Raines RT. Thiols and Selenols as Electron-Relay Catalysts for Disulfide-Bond Reduction. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2013 ;52:12901-12904.
Eller CH, Yang GB, Ouerfelli O, Raines RT. Affinity of monoclonal antibodies for Globo-series glycans. Carbohydrate Research. 2014 ;397:1-6.
Eller CH, Lomax JE, Raines RT. Bovine Brain Ribonuclease Is the Functional Homolog of Human Ribonuclease 1. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2014 ;289:25996-26006.
Lavis LD, Raines RT. Bright Building Blocks for Chemical Biology. ACS Chemical Biology. 2014 ;9:855-866.
Chattopadhyay S, Raines RT. Collagen-Based Biomaterials for Wound Healing. Biopolymers. 2014 ;101:821-833.
Zasadil LM, Andersen KA, Yeum D, Rocque GB, Wilke LG, Tevaarwerk AJ, Raines RT, Burkard ME, Weaver BA. Cytotoxicity of Paclitaxel in Breast Cancer Is due to Chromosome Missegregation on Multipolar Spindles. Science Translational Medicine. 2014 ;6.
D'Avino C, Paciello R, Riccio G, Coppola M, Laccetti P, Maurea N, Raines RT, De Lorenzo C. Effects of a second-generation human anti-ErbB2 ImmunoRNase on trastuzumab-resistant tumors and cardiac cells. Protein Engineering Design & Selection. 2014 ;27:83-88.
Lomax JE, Bianchettl CM, Chang A, Phillips GN, Fox BG, Raines RT. Functional Evolution of Ribonuclease Inhibitor: Insights from Birds and Reptiles. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2014 ;426:3041-3056.
Newberry RW, Raines RT. A Key n ->pi* Interaction in N-Acyl Homoserine Lactones. ACS Chemical Biology. 2014 ;9:880-883.
Choudhary A, Newberry RW, Raines RT. n ->pi* Interactions Engender Chirality in Carbonyl Groups. Organic Letters. 2014 ;16:3421-3423.
Tanrikulu IC, Raines RT. Optimal Interstrand Bridges for Collagen-like Biomaterials. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2014 ;136:13490-13493.
Lukesh JC, Andersen KA, Wallin KK, Raines RT. Organocatalysts of oxidative protein folding inspired by protein disulfide isomerase. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. 2014 ;12:8598-8602.
Lukesh JC, Wallin KK, Raines RT. Pyrazine-derived disulfide-reducing agent for chemical biology. Chemical Communications. 2014 ;50:9591-9594.
Newberry RW, Bartlett GJ, VanVeller B, Woolfson DN, Raines RT. Signatures of n ->pi* interactions in proteins. Protein Science. 2014 ;23:284-288.
Bingman CA, Cheng CL, Phillips GN, Raines RT. Structure of RNA 3 '-phosphate cyclase bound to substrate RNA AU Desai, KK Bingman, CA Cheng, CL Phillips, GN Raines, RT. RNA-a Publication of the RNA Society. 2014 ;20:1560-1566.
Desai KK, Cheng CL, Bingman CA, Phillips GN, Raines RT. A tRNA splicing operon: Archease endows RtcB with dual GTP/ATP cofactor specificity and accelerates RNA ligation. Nucleic Acids Research. 2014 ;42:3931-3942.