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Cai W, Lin Z, Strother T, Smith LM, Hamers RJ. Chemical modification and patterning of iodine-terminated silicon surfaces using visible light. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2002 ;106:2656-2664.
Baker SE, Cai W, Lasseter TL, Weidkamp KP, Hamers RJ. Covalently bonded adducts of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) oligonucleotides with single-wall carbon nanotubes: Synthesis and hybridization. Nano Letters. 2002 ;2:1413-1417.
Lin Z, Strother T, Cai W, Cao XP, Smith LM, Hamers RJ. DNA attachment and hybridization at the silicon (100) surface. Langmuir. 2002 ;18:788-796.
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Cao XP, Hamers RJ. Formation of a surface-mediated donor-acceptor complex: Coadsorption of trimethylamine and boron trifluoride on the silicon (001) surface. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2002 ;106:1840-1842.
Fang LA, Liu JM, Coulter S, Cao XP, Schwartz MP, Hacker C, Hamers RJ. Formation of pi-conjugated molecular arrays on silicon (001) surfaces by heteroatomic Diels-Alder chemistry. Surface Science. 2002 ;514:362-375.
Cao XP, Hamers RJ. Interactions of alkylamines with the silicon (001) surface. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B. 2002 ;20:1614-1619.
Strother T, Knickerbocker T, Russell JN, Butler JE, Smith LM, Hamers RJ. Photochemical functionalization of diamond films. Langmuir. 2002 ;18:968-971.
Schwartz MP, Hamers RJ. The role of Pi-conjugation in attachment of organic molecules to the silicon (001) surface. Surface Science. 2002 ;515:75-86.
Cao XP, Coulter SK, Ellison MD, Liu HB, Liu JM, Hamers RJ. Bonding of nitrogen-containing organic molecules to the silicon(001) surface: The role of aromaticity. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2001 ;105:3759-3768.
McGuire MM, Jallad KN, Ben-Amotz D, Hamers RJ. Chemical mapping of elemental sulfur on pyrite and arsenopyrite surfaces using near-infrared Raman imaging microscopy. Applied Surface Science. 2001 ;178:105-115.
Hamers RJ. Flexible electronic futures. Nature. 2001 ;412:489-490.
McGuire MM, Edwards KJ, Banfield JF, Hamers RJ. Kinetics, surface chemistry, and structural evolution of microbially mediated sulfide mineral dissolution. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 2001 ;65:1243-1258.
Edwards KJ, Hu B, Hamers RJ, Banfield JF. A new look at microbial leaching patterns on sulfide minerals. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 2001 ;34:197-206.
Russell JN, Butler JE, Wang GT, Bent SF, Hovis JS, Hamers RJ, D'Evelyn MP. pi bond versus radical character of the diamond (100)-2 x 1 surface. Materials Chemistry and Physics. 2001 ;72:147-151.
McGuire MM, Banfield JF, Hamers RJ. Quantitative determination of elemental sulfur at the arsenopyrite surface after oxidation by ferric iron: Mechanistic implications. Geochemical Transactions [online computer file]. 2001 :No pp given, Paper No 4.
Gihring TM, Druschel GK, McCleskey RB, Hamers RJ, Banfield JF. Rapid arsenite oxidation by Thermus aquaticus and Thermus thermophilus: Field and laboratory investigations. Environmental Science & Technology. 2001 ;35:3857-3862.
Cao XP, Hamers RJ. Silicon surfaces as electron acceptors: Dative bonding of amines with Si(001) and Si(111) surfaces. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2001 ;123:10988-10996.
Coulter SK, Schwartz MP, Hamers RJ. Sulfur atoms as tethers for selective attachment of aromatic molecules to silicon(001) surfaces. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2001 ;105:3079-3087.
Strother T, Hamers RJ, Smith LM. Covalent attachment of oligodeoxyribonucleotides to amine-modified Si (001) surfaces. Nucleic Acids Research. 2000 ;28:3535-3541.
Hovis JS, Coulter SK, Hamers RJ, D'Evelyn MP, Russell JN, Butler JE. Cycloaddition chemistry at surfaces: Reaction of alkenes with the diamond(001)-2 x 1 surface. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2000 ;122:732-733.
Hamers RJ, Coulter SK, Ellison MD, Hovis JS, Padowitz DF, Schwartz MP, Greenlief CM, Russell JN. Cycloaddition chemistry of organic molecules with semiconductor surfaces. Accounts of Chemical Research. 2000 ;33:617-624.
Lee SW, Hovis JS, Coulter SK, Hamers RJ, Greenlief CM. Cycloaddition chemistry on germanium(001) surfaces: the adsorption and reaction of cyclopentene and cyclohexene. Surface Science. 2000 ;462:6-18.
McGuire MM, Hamers RJ. Extraction and quantitative analysis of elemental sulfur from sulfide mineral surfaces by high-performance liquid chromatography. Environmental Science & Technology. 2000 ;34:4651-4655.
Edwards KJ, Bond PL, Druschel GK, McGuire MM, Hamers RJ, Banfield JF. Geochemical and biological aspects of sulfide mineral dissolution: lessons from Iron Mountain, California. Chemical Geology. 2000 ;169:383-397.
Schwartz MP, Ellison MD, Coulter SK, Hovis JS, Hamers RJ. Interaction of pi-conjugated organic molecules with pi-bonded semiconductor surfaces: Structure, selectivity, and mechanistic implications. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2000 ;122:8529-8538.
Coulter SK, Hovis JS, Ellison MD, Hamers RJ. Reactions of substituted aromatic hydrocarbons with the Si(001) surface. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology a-Vacuum Surfaces and Films. 2000 ;18:1965-1970.
Strother T, Cai W, Zhao XS, Hamers RJ, Smith LM. Synthesis and characterization of DNA-modified silicon (111) surfaces. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2000 ;122:1205-1209.
Hamers RJ, Hovis JS, Coulter SK, Ellison MD, Padowitz DF. Ultrathin organic layers on silicon surfaces. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part I: Regular Papers and Short Notes. 2000 ;39:4366-4371.
Hovis JS, Liu H, Hamers RJ. Cycloaddition chemistry and formation of ordered organic monolayers on silicon (001) surfaces. Surface Science. 1998 ;402:1-7.
Hovis JS, Liu HB, Hamers RJ. Cycloaddition chemistry of 1,3-dienes on the silicon(001) surface: Competition between 4+2 and 2+2 reactions. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 1998 ;102:6873-6879.
Ellison MD, Hovis JS, Liu HB, Hamers RJ. Cycloaddition chemistry on silicon(001) surfaces: The adsorption of azo-tert-butane. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 1998 ;102:8510-8518.
Schrenk MO, Edwards KJ, Goodman RM, Hamers RJ, Banfield JF. Distribution of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans and Leptospirillum ferrooxidans: Implications for generation of acid mine drainage. Science. 1998 ;279:1519-1522.
Hovis JS, Liu H, Hamers RJ. Scanning tunneling microscopy of cyclic unsaturated organic molecules on Si(001). Applied Physics a-Materials Science & Processing. 1998 ;66:S553-S557.
Hamers RJ, Hovis J, Liu H. Scanning tunneling microscopy of ordered organic monolayer films on Si(001). Acta Physica Polonica A. 1998 ;93:289-295.
Hovis JS, Hamers RJ. Structure and bonding of ordered organic monolayers of 1,3,5,7-cyclooctatetraene on the Si(001) surface: Surface cycloaddition chemistry of an antiaromatic molecule. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 1998 ;102:687-692.
Padowitz DF, Hamers RJ. Voltage-dependent STM images of covalently bound molecules on Si(100). Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 1998 ;102:8541-8545.
Liu HB, Hamers RJ. An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of the bonding of unsaturated organic molecules to the Si(001) surface. Surface Science. 1998 ;416:354-362.