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Sturm R, Sheynkman G, Booth C, Smith LM, Pedersen JA, Li LJ. Absolute Quantification of Prion Protein (90-231) Using Stable Isotope-Labeled Chymotryptic Peptide Standards in a LC-MRM AQUA Workflow. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 2012 ;23:1522-1533.
Tomaszewski JE, Madliger M, Pedersen JA, Schwarzenbach RP, Sander M. Adsorption of Insecticidal Cry1Ab Protein to Humic Substances. 2. Influence of Humic and Fulvic Acid Charge and Polarity Characteristics. Environmental Science & Technology. 2012 ;46:9932-9940.
Bishop LM, Yeager JC, Chen X, Wheeler JN, Torelli MD, Benson MC, Burke SD, Pedersen JA, Hamers RJ. A Citric Acid-Derived Ligand for Modular Functionalization of Metal Oxide Surfaces via "Click" Chemistry. Langmuir. 2012 ;28:1322-1329.
Walters RH, Jacobson KH, Pedersen JA, Murphy RM. Elongation Kinetics of Polyglutamine Peptide Fibrils: A Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Study. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2012 ;421:329-347.
Johnson CJ, Aiken JM, McKenzie D, Samuel MD, Pedersen JA. Highly Efficient Amplification of Chronic Wasting Disease Agent by Protein Misfolding Cyclic Amplification with Beads (PMCAb). Plos One. 2012 ;7:7.
Bar-Ilan O, Louis KM, Yang SP, Pedersen JA, Hamers RJ, Peterson RE, Heideman W. Titanium dioxide nanoparticles produce phototoxicity in the developing zebrafish. Nanotoxicology. 2012 ;6:670-679.
Gao J, Hedman C, Liu C, Guo T, Pedersen JA. Transformation of Sulfamethazine by Manganese Oxide in Aqueous Solution. Environmental Science & Technology. 2012 ;46:2642-2651.
Liang C, Pedersen JA, Balser TC. Aminoglycoside antibiotics may interfere with microbial amino sugar analysis. Journal of Chromatography A. 2009 ;1216:5296-5301.
Wiecinski PN, Heiden TCK, Metz KM, Mangham AN, Hamers RJ, Heideman W, Peterson RE, Pedersen JA. Developmental toxicity of oxidatively degraded quantum dots. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 2009 ;73:A1437-A1437.
Metz KM, Mangham AN, Bierman MJ, Jin S, Hamers RJ, Pedersen JA. Engineered Nanomaterial Transformation under Oxidative Environmental Conditions: Development of an in vitro Biomimetic Assay. Environmental Science & Technology. 2009 ;43:1598-1604.
Wiecinski PN, Metz KM, Mangham AN, Jacobson KH, Hamers RJ, Pedersen JA. Gastrointestinal biodurability of engineered nanoparticles: Development of an in vitro assay. Nanotoxicology. 2009 ;3:202-U66.
Russo F, Johnson CJ, Johnson CJ, McKenzie D, Aiken JM, Pedersen JA. Pathogenic prion protein is degraded by a manganese oxide mineral found in soils. Journal of General Virology. 2009 ;90:275-280.
King-Heiden TC, Wiecinski PN, Mangham AN, Metz KM, Nesbit D, Pedersen JA, Hamers RJ, Heideman W, Peterson RE. Quantum Dot Nanotoxicity Assessment Using the Zebrafish Embryo. Environmental Science & Technology. 2009 ;43:1605-1611.
Jacobson KH, Lee S, McKenzie D, Benson CH, Pedersen JA. Transport of the pathogenic prion protein through landfill materials. Environmental Science and Technology. 2009 ;43:2022-2028.
Johnson CJ, Gilbert PUPA, McKenzie D, Pedersen JA, Aiken JM. Ultraviolet-ozone treatment reduces levels of disease-associated prion protein and prion infectivity. BMC Res. Notes. 2009 ;2:No pp given.