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Mathur P, Ghosh S, Sarkar A, Rheingold AL, Guzei IA. Isolation and characterization of Fe-2(CO)(6)Se-2{mu-(CO)(3)Cr(eta(5)-C-5(H)(CH2Ph)(Ph)(OEt)} , (CO)(6)Fe-2{mu-EC(Ph)=C(E ')C(H)(OEt)} (2) and (CO)(6)Fe-2{mu-SC(H)(Ph)C(Te)=C(H)(OEt)} from the thermolysis of Fischer carbene adducts (CO)(6)Fe2EE '{mu-C(Ph). Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. 1998 ;566:159-164.
Rabe GW, Heise H, Yap GPA, Liable-Sands LM, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL. Molecular structures of the heavier alkali metal salts of supermesitylphosphane: A systematic investigation. Inorganic Chemistry. 1998 ;37:4235-4245.
Janik JF, Wells RL, Rheingold AL, Guzei IA. N-bridged and H-bridged aminoalanes: Single-crystal X-ray structure determinations for the planar dimer { (Me3Si)(2)N (2)Al(mu-H)}(2) and the puckered four-membered ring compound (Me3Si)(2)N(Me2N)Al(mu-NMe2)(2)Al(H)N(SiMe3)(2). Polyhedron. 1998 ;17:4101-4108.
Janik JF, Wells RL, Young VG, Rheingold AL, Guzei IA. New pnictinogallanes H2GaE(SiMe3)(2) (3) (E = P, As) - Formation, structural characterization, and thermal decomposition to afford nanocrystalline GaP and GaAs. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1998 ;120:532-537.
Schebler PJ, Riordan CG, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL. Phenyltris((tert-butylthio)methyl)borate: A second generation S3- ligand that enforces tetrahedral coordination. Inorganic Chemistry. 1998 ;37:4754-4755.
Wicht DK, Zhuravel MA, Gregush RV, Glueck DS, Guzei IA, Liable-Sands LM, Rheingold AL. Platinum(0) complexes of chiral diphosphines: Enantioface-selective binding of trans-stilbene. Organometallics. 1998 ;17:1412-1419.
Donovan-Merkert BT, Clontz CR, Rhinehart LM, Tjiong HI, Carlin CM, Cundari TR, Rheingold AL, Guzei IA. Rhodocenium complexes bearing the 1,2,3-Tri-tert-butylcyclopentadienyl ligand: Redox-promoted synthesis and mechanistic, structural and computational investigations. Organometallics. 1998 ;17:1716-1724.
Hughes RP, Maddock SM, Rheingold AL, Guzei IA. Selective conversion of an ethylene to an ethylidene ligand in reactions of a hydrido(ethylene) complex of tantalum with iodofluorocarbons. Molecular structure of Ta(eta(5)-C5H5)(2)(eta(1)-CHCH3)I. Polyhedron. 1998 ;17:1037-1043.
Yi CS, Torres-Lubian JR, Liu NH, Rheingold AL, Guzei IA. Selective linear coupling reaction of acetylene and acrylonitrile catalyzed by the well-defined metallacyclopentadiene complex C5Me5(PPh3)(Cl)RuCH = CHCH = CH. Organometallics. 1998 ;17:1257-1259.
Rabe GW, Kheradmandan S, Liable-Sands LM, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL. Structural diversity in the solid-state structures of the rubidium and cesium salts of 2,6-dimesitylphenylphosphane. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 1998 ;37:1404-1407.
Bryant WS, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL, Merola JS, Gibson HW. A study of the complexation of bis(m-phenylene) crown ethers and secondary ammonium ions. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 1998 ;63:7634-7639.
Hascall T, Rheingold AL, Guzei IA, Parkin G. Subvalent germanium and tin complexes supported by a dianionic calixarene ligand: structural characterization of exo and endo isomers of Bu(t)calix((TMS)2) Ge. Chemical Communications. 1998 :101-102.
Landry CC, Cleaver WM, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL. Synthesis and structural features of the gallium phosphonate cluster (BU7Ga3P3O8)-B-t(OH). Organometallics. 1998 ;17:5209-5211.
Mathur P, Ghosh S, Sarkar A, Rheingold AL, Guzei IA. An unusual cyclopentaannulation reaction: Thermolysis of an alpha,beta-unsaturated Fischer carbene complex anchored on a Fe-2(CO)(6)(mu-Se)(2) core. Organometallics. 1998 ;17:770-772.
Ruiz D, Yoo J, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL, Hendrickson DN. Valence tautomeric cobalt o-quinone complexes in a dual-mode switching array. Chemical Communications. 1998 :2089-2090.
Farrell JR, Mirkin CA, Guzei IA, Liable-Sands LM, Rheingold AL. The weak-link approach to the synthesis of inorganic macrocycles. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 1998 ;37:465-467.
Hsung RP, Quinn JF, Weisenberg BA, Wulff WD, Yap GPA, Rheingold AL. 1,4-asymmetric induction in the formation of cyclohexadienones by chirality transfer from a transiently installed chromium-stereospecific electrocyclic ring closure of a metal complexed vinyl ketene. Chemical Communications. 1997 :615-616.
Rheingold AL, Yap GPA, Liable-Sands LM, Guzei IA, Trofimenko S. Coordination chemistry of homoscorpionate ligands with 3-cyclopropyl substituents. Inorganic Chemistry. 1997 ;36:6261-6265.
O'Connor JM, Chen MC, Frohn M, Rheingold AL, Guzei IA. Diazoketones undergo reaction with a cobalt alkyne complex to give highly functionalized conjugated dienes. Organometallics. 1997 ;16:5589-5591.
Chen MF, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL, Gibson HW. Novel macrocycle by Friedel-Crafts acylation cyclization. Macromolecules. 1997 ;30:2516-2518.
Slone CS, Mirkin CA, Yap GPA, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL. Oxidation-state-dependent reactivity and catalytic properties of a Rh(I) complex formed from a redox-switchable hemilabile ligand. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1997 ;119:10743-10753.
Yi CS, Liu NH, Rheingold AL, LiableSands LM, Guzei IA. Reaction of the in-situ-generated ruthenium-acetylide complex C5Me5Ru(PPh3)C CPh with small molecules. Organometallics. 1997 ;16:3729-3731.
Aubin SMJ, Sun ZM, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL, Christou G, Hendrickson DN. Single-molecule magnets: isomeric Mn12O12(O(2)CC(6)H(4)Me4)(16)(H2O)(4) complexes exhibiting different rates of resonant magnetization tunnelling. Chemical Communications. 1997 :2239-2240.
Reger DL, Collins JE, Matthews MA, Rheingold AL, Liable-Sands LM, Guzei IA. Stabilization of lithium borohydride with nitrogen donor, chelating ligands. Syntheses and solid state structures of HC(3,5-Me(2)pz)(3) Li(eta(3)-BH4), { H2C(3,5-Me(2)pz)(2) Li(mu-eta(3)-BH4)}(2), and { 4,4 '-Me(2)bipy Li(mu-eta(3)-BH4)}(2) (pz = pyrazoly. Inorganic Chemistry. 1997 ;36:6266-6269.
Guzei IA, Baboul AG, Yap GPA, Rheingold AL, Schlegel HB, Winter CH. Surprising titanium complexes bearing eta(2)-pyrazolato ligands: Synthesis, structure, and molecular orbital studies. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1997 ;119:3387-3388.
Guzei IA, LiableSands LM, Rheingold AL, Winter CH. Synthesis and characterization of titanium and zirconium complexes bearing diphenyltriazenido ligands. Polyhedron. 1997 ;16:4017-4022.
Rabe GW, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL. Synthesis and X-ray crystal structure determination of the first lanthanide complexes containing primary phosphide ligands: Ln P(H)Mes* (2)(thf)(4) (Ln = Yb, Eu). Inorganic Chemistry. 1997 ;36:4914-4915.
Hughes RP, LeHusebo T, Maddock SM, Rheingold AL, Guzei IA. Thallium(I) selectively abstracts fluoride from a tertiary carbon-fluorine bond under conditions where silver(I) selectively abstracts iodide from rhodium. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1997 ;119:10231-10232.