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Sun B, Liu X, Buck ME, Lynn DM. Azlactone-functionalized polymers as reactive templates for parallel polymer synthesis: synthesis and screening of a small library of cationic polymers in the context of DNA delivery. Chemical Communications. 2010 ;46:2016-2018.
Fredin NJ, Flessner RM, Jewell CM, Bechler SL, Buck ME, Lynn DM. Characterization of Nanoscale Transformations in Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Fabricated From Plasmid DNA Using Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy in Combination With Atomic Force Microscopy. Microscopy Research and Technique. 2010 ;73:834-844.
Buck ME, Lynn DM. Free-Standing and Reactive Thin Films Fabricated by Covalent Layer-by-Layer Assembly and Subsequent Lift-Off of Azlactone-Containing Polymer Multilayers. Langmuir. 2010 ;26:16134-16140.
Buck ME, Lynn DM. Functionalization of Fibers Using Azlactone-Containing Polymers: Layer-by-Layer Fabrication of Reactive Thin Films on the Surfaces of Hair and Cellulose-Based Materials. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2010 ;2:1421-1429.
Kinsinger MI, Buck ME, Abbott NL, Lynn DM. Immobilization of Polymer-Decorated Liquid Crystal Droplets on Chemically Tailored Surfaces. Langmuir. 2010 ;26:10234-10242.
Kinsinger MI, Buck ME, Meli M-V, Abbott NL, Lynn DM. Langmuir films of flexible polymers transferred to aqueous/liquid crystal interfaces induce uniform azimuthal alignment of the liquid crystal. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 2010 ;341:124-135.
Buck ME, Lynn DM. Reactive Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Suspended Thin Films and Semipermeable Membranes at Interfaces Created Between Aqueous and Organic Phases. Advanced Materials. 2010 ;22:994-+.
Buck ME, Schwartz SC, Lynn DM. Superhydrophobic Thin Films Fabricated by Reactive Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Azlactone-Functionalized Polymers. Chemistry of Materials. 2010 ;22:6319-6327.