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Sun B, Flessner RM, Saurer EM, Jewell CM, Fredin NJ, Lynn DM. Characterization of pH-induced changes in the morphology of polyelectrolyte multilayers assembled from poly(allylamine) and low molecular weight poly(acrylic acid). Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 2011 ;355:431-441.
Sun B, Lynn DM. Release of DNA from polyelectrolyte multilayers fabricated using 'charge-shifting' cationic polymers: Tunable temporal control and sequential, multi-agent release. Journal of Controlled Release. 2010 ;148:91-100.
Sun B, Liu X, Buck ME, Lynn DM. Azlactone-functionalized polymers as reactive templates for parallel polymer synthesis: synthesis and screening of a small library of cationic polymers in the context of DNA delivery. Chemical Communications. 2010 ;46:2016-2018.
Sun B, Jewell CM, Fredin NJ, Lynn DM. Assembly of multilayered films using well-defined, end-labeled poly(acrylic acid): Influence of molecular weight on exponential growth in a synthetic weak polyelectrolyte system. Langmuir. 2007 ;23:8452-8459.
Sun B, Baker SE, Butler JE, Kim H, Russell, Jr. JN, Shang L, Tse K-Y, Yang W, Hamers RJ. Covalent molecular functionalization of diamond thin-film transistors. Diamond & Related Materials. 2007 ;16:1608-1615.
Sun B, Colavita PE, Kim H, Lockett M, Marcus MS, Smith LM, Hamers RJ. Covalent Photochemical Functionalization of Amorphous Carbon Thin Films for Integrated Real-Time Biosensing. Langmuir. 2006 ;22:9598-9605.