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Hodas N, Sullivan AP, Skog K, Keutsch FN, Collett JL, Decesari S, Facchini MC, Carlton AG, Laaksonen A, Turpin BJ. Aerosol Liquid Water Driven by Anthropogenic Nitrate: Implications for Lifetimes of Water-Soluble Organic Gases and Potential for Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation. Environmental Science & Technology. 2014 ;48:11127-11136.
Kaiser J, Li X, Tillmann R, Acir I, Holland F, Rohrer F, Wegener R, Keutsch FN. Intercomparison of Hantzsch and fiber-laser-induced-fluorescence formaldehyde measurements. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 2014 ;7:1571-1580.
Li X, Rohrer F, Hofzumahaus A, Brauers T, Haseler R, Bohn B, Broch S, Fuchs H, Gomm S, Holland F, et al. Missing Gas-Phase Source of HONO Inferred from Zeppelin Measurements in the Troposphere. Science. 2014 ;344:292-296.
Wolfe GM, Cantrell C, Kim S, Mauldin RL, Karl T, Harley P, Turnipseed A, Zheng W, Flocke F, Apel EC, et al. Missing peroxy radical sources within a summertime ponderosa pine forest. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2014 ;14:4715-4732.
Ortega J, Turnipseed A, Guenther AB, Karl TG, Day DA, Gochis D, Huffman JA, Prenni AJ, Levin EJT, Kreidenweis SM, et al. Overview of the Manitou Experimental Forest Observatory: site description and selected science results from 2008 to 2013. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2014 ;14:6345-6367.
Pusede SE, Gentner DR, Wooldridge PJ, Browne EC, Rollins AW, Min KE, Russell AR, Thomas J, Zhang L, Brune WH, et al. On the temperature dependence of organic reactivity, nitrogen oxides, ozone production, and the impact of emission controls in San Joaquin Valley, California. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2014 ;14:3373-3395.