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Collier S, Zhou S, Kuwayama T, Forestieri S, Brady J, Zhang M, Kleeman M, Cappa C, Bertram TH, Zhang Q. Organic PM Emissions from Vehicles: Composition, O/C Ratio, and Dependence on PM Concentration. Aerosol Science and Technology. 2015 ;49:86-97.
Zhang Q, Su J, Feng D, Wei Z, Zou X, Zhou HC. Piezofluorochromic metal-organic framework: A microscissor lift. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2015 ;137:10064-10067.
Liu D, Liu TF, Chen YP, Zou L, Feng D, Wang K, Zhang Q, Yuan S, Zhong C, Zhou HC. A Reversible Crystallinity-Preserving Phase Transition in Metal-Organic Frameworks: Discovery, Mechanistic Studies, and Potential Applications. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2015 ;137:7740-7746.
Yuan S, Lu W, Chen YP, Zhang Q, Liu TF, Feng D, Wang X, Qin J, Zhou HC. Sequential linker installation: Precise placement of functional groups in multivariate metal-organic frameworks. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2015 ;137:3177-3180.
Yuan S, Liu TF, Feng D, Tian J, Wang K, Qin J, Zhang Q, Chen YP, Bosch M, Zou L, et al. A single crystalline porphyrinic titanium metal-organic framework. Chemical Science. 2015 ;6:3926-3930.
Kuwayama T, Collier S, Forestieri S, Brady JM, Bertram TH, Cappa CD, Zhang Q, Kleeman MJ. Volatility of Primary Organic Aerosol Emitted from Light Duty Gasoline Vehicles. Environmental Science & Technology. 2015 ;49:1569-1577.