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Chang CC, Botez D, Wan L, Nealey PF, Ruder S, Kuech TF. Fabrication of large-area, high-density Ni nanopillar arrays on GaAs substrates using diblock copolymer lithography and electrodeposition. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B. 2013 ;31.
Schulte KL, Wood AW, Reedy RC, Ptak AJ, Meyer NT, Babcock SE, Kuech TF. Heteroepitaxy of GaAs on (001) double right arrow 6 degrees Ge substrates at high growth rates by hydride vapor phase epitaxy. Journal of Applied Physics. 2013 ;113.
Huang YG, Kim TW, Long SS, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF, Nealey PF, Dai YS, Wang ZH, Guo W, Forbes D, et al. InAs Nanowires Grown by Metal-Organic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE) Employing PS/PMMA Diblock Copolymer Nanopatterning. Nano Letters. 2013 ;13:5979-5984.
Mawst LJ, Kirch JD, Chang CC, Kim T, Garrod T, Botez D, Ruder S, Kuech TF, Earles T, Tatavarti R, et al. InGaAs/AlInAs strain-compensated Superlattices grown on metamorphic buffer layers for low-strain, 3.6 mu m-emitting quantum-cascade-laser active regions. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2013 ;370:230-235.
Forghani K, Anand A, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF. Low temperature growth of GaAs1-yBiy epitaxial layers. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2013 ;380:23-27.
Schulte KL, Garrod TJ, Kim TW, Kirch J, Ruder S, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF. Metalorganic vapor phase growth of quantum well structures on thick metamorphic buffer layers grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2013 ;370:293-298.
O'Neill BJ, Jackson DHK, Crisci AJ, Farberow CA, Shi FY, Alba-Rubio AC, Lu JL, Dietrich PJ, Gu XK, Marshall CL, et al. Stabilization of Copper Catalysts for Liquid-Phase Reactions by Atomic Layer Deposition. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2013 ;52:13808-13812.
Jacobsen H, Puchala B, Kuech TF, Morgan D. Ab initio study of the strain dependent thermodynamics of Bi doping in GaAs. Physical Review B. 2012 ;86.
Wiedmann MK, Jackson DHK, Pagan-Torres YJ, Cho E, Dumesic JA, Kuech TF. Atomic layer deposition of titanium phosphate on silica nanoparticles. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A. 2012 ;30.
Cho E, Yitamben EN, Iski EV, Guisinger NP, Kuech TF. Atomic-Scale Investigation of Highly Stable Pt Clusters Synthesized on a Graphene Support for Catalytic Applications. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2012 ;116:26066-26071.
Cho E, Brown A, Kuech TF. Chemical Characterization of DNA-Immobilized InAs Surfaces Using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Near-Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure. Langmuir. 2012 ;28:11899-11907.
Schulte KL, Rance WL, Reedy RC, Ptak AJ, Young DL, Kuech TF. Controlled formation of GaAs pn junctions during hydride vapor phase epitaxy of GaAs. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2012 ;352:253-257.
Paulson CA, Jha S, Song X, Rathi M, Babcock SE, Mawst L, Kuech TF. The effect of helium ion implantation on the relaxation of strained InGaAs thin films. Thin Solid Films. 2012 ;520:2147-2154.
Dedigama A, Angelo M, Torrione P, Kim TH, Wolter S, Lampert W, Atewologun A, Edirisoorya M, Collins L, Kuech TF, et al. Hemin-Functionalized InAs-Based High Sensitivity Room Temperature NO Gas Sensors. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2012 ;116:826-833.
Kim TW, Garrod TJ, Kim K, Lee JJ, LaLumondiere SD, Sin Y, Lotshaw WT, Moss SC, Kuech TF, Tatavarti R, et al. Narrow band gap (1 eV) InGaAsSbN solar cells grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy. Applied Physics Letters. 2012 ;100.
Chen CT, Kuech TF, Nishinaga T, Zheng LL. The 16th International Conference on Crystal Growth (ICCG16) Beijing, China 8-13 August 2010 preface. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2011 ;318:3-3.
Kuech TF. The 16th International Conference on Crystal Growth (ICCG16) Beijing, China 8-13 August 2010 preface. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2011 ;318:1-2.
Jha S, Wiedmann MK, Kuech TF. A comparative precursor study of the growth behavior of InSb using metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2011 ;315:87-90.
Kirch J, Kim TW, Konen J, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF, Kuan TS. Effects of antimony (Sb) incorporation on MOVPE grown InAsyP1-y metamorphic buffer layers on InP substrates. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2011 ;315:96-101.
Jha S, Wiedmann MK, Kuan TS, Song XY, Babcock SE, Kuech TF. Growth behavior and defect reduction in heteroepitaxial InAs and GaSb on GaAs using block copolymer lithography. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2011 ;315:91-95.
Chen WN, Alford TL, Kuech TF, Lau SS. High electron mobility transistors on plastic flexible substrates. Applied Physics Letters. 2011 ;98.
Chen W, Kuech TF, Lau SS. Ion-Cut Transfer of InP-Based High Electron Mobility Transistors. Journal of the Electrochemical Society. 2011 ;158:H727-H732.
Garrod TJ, Kirch J, Dudley P, Kim S, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF. Narrow band gap GaInNAsSb material grown by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) for solar cell applications. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2011 ;315:68-73.
Park JH, Kirch J, Mawst LJ, Liu CC, Nealey PF, Kuech TF. Controlled growth of InGaAs/InGaAsP quantum dots on InP substrates employing diblock copolymer lithography. Applied Physics Letters. 2009 ;95.
Jha S, Liu CC, Kuan TS, Babcock SE, Nealey PF, Park JH, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF. Defect reduction in epitaxial GaSb grown on nanopatterned GaAs substrates using full wafer block copolymer lithography. Applied Physics Letters. 2009 ;95.
Huang JYT, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF, Song X, Babcock SE, Kim CS, Vurgaftman I, Meyer JR, Holmes AL. Design and characterization of strained InGaAs/GaAsSb type-II 'W' quantum wells on InP substrates for mid-IR emission. Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics. 2009 ;42.
Park B, Paoprasert P, Gopalan P, Kuech TF, Evans PG. Dynamics of photoinduced charge transfer between pentacene and a C-60-terminated self-assembled monolayer. Applied Physics Letters. 2009 ;94.
Grabow LC, UhIrich JJ, Kuech TF, Mavrikakis M. Effectiveness of in situ NH3 annealing treatments for the removal of oxygen from GaN surfaces. Surface Science. 2009 ;603:387-399.
Chen P, Chen WV, Yu PKL, Tang CW, Lau KM, Mawst L, Paulson C, Kuech TF, Lau SS. Effects of hydrogen implantation damage on the performance of InP/InGaAs/InP p-i-n photodiodes transferred on silicon. Applied Physics Letters. 2009 ;94.
Park BN, Uhlrich JJ, Kuech TF, Evans PG. Electrical properties of GaN/poly(3-hexylthiophene) interfaces. Journal of Applied Physics. 2009 ;106.
Chen W, Zhang A, Chen P, Pulsifer JE, Alford TL, Kuech TF, Lau SS. Feasibility Study of Ion-Cut InP Photoconductor Devices on Glass Substrates. Applied Physics Express. 2009 ;2.
Rathi MK, Khandekar AA, Song XY, Babcock SE, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF. High antimony content GaAs1-zNz-GaAs1-ySby type-II "W" structure for long wavelength emission. Journal of Applied Physics. 2009 ;106.
Chen WN, Bandaru P, Tang CW, Lau KM, Kuech TF, Lau SS. InP Layer Transfer with Masked Implantation. Electrochemical and Solid State Letters. 2009 ;12:H149-H150.
Park JH, Liu CC, Rathi MK, Mawst LJ, Nealey PF, Kuech TF. Nanoscale selective growth and optical characteristics of quantum dots on III-V substrates prepared by diblock copolymer nanopatterning. J. Nanophotonics. 2009 ;3.
Rathi MK, Tsvid G, Khandekar AA, Shin JC, Botez D, Kuech TF. Passivation of Interfacial States for GaAs- and InGaAs/InP-Based Regrown Nanostructures. Journal of Electronic Materials. 2009 ;38:2023-2032.
Lo JY, Yu B, Fu HL, Bender JE, Palmer GM, Kuech TF, Ramanujam N. A strategy for quantitative spectral imaging of tissue absorption and scattering using light emitting diodes and photodiodes. Optics Express. 2009 ;17:1372-1384.
Uhlrich JJ, Franking R, Hamers RJ, Kuech TF. Sulfide Treatment of ZnO Single Crystals and Nanorods and the Effect on P3HT-ZnO Photovoltaic Device Properties. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2009 ;113:21147-21154.
Uhlrich JJ, Olson DC, Hsu JWP, Kuech TF. Surface chemistry and surface electronic properties of ZnO single crystals and nanorods. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A. 2009 ;27:328-335.