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Kearns KL, Swallen SF, Ediger MD, Sun Y, Yu L. Calorimetric Evidence for Two Distinct Molecular Packing Arrangements in Stable Glasses of Indomethacin. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2009 ;113:1579-1586.
Xi H, Sun Y, Yu L. Diffusion-controlled and diffusionless crystal growth in liquid o-terphenyl near its glass transition temperature. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2009 ;130:094508.
Sun Y, Xi HM, Ediger MD, Richert R, Yu L. Diffusion-controlled and "diffusionless" crystal growth near the glass transition temperature: Relation between liquid dynamics and growth kinetics of seven ROY polymorphs. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2009 ;131.
Strydom S, Liebenberg W, Yu L, de Villiers M. The effect of temperature and moisture on the amorphous-to-crystalline transformation of stavudine. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 2009 ;379:72-81.
Dawson KJ, Kearns KL, Yu L, Steffen W, Ediger MD. Physical vapor deposition as a route to hidden amorphous states. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2009 ;106:15165-15170.
Tao J, Sun Y, Zhang GG, Yu L. Solubility of small-molecule crystals in polymers: D-mannitol in PVP, indomethacin in PVP/VA, and nifedipine in PVP/VA. Pharmaceutical Research. 2009 ;26:855-64.
Zhao JS, Ediger MD, Sun Y, Yu L. Two DSC Glass Transitions in Miscible Blends of Polyisoprene/Poly(4-tert-butylstyrene). Macromolecules. 2009 ;42:6777-6783.
Yu L, Milton N, Groleau EG, Mishra DS, Vansickle RE. Existence of a Mannitol Hydrate during Freeze-Drying and Practical Implications. Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 1999 ;88:196-198.