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DeRider ML, Wilkens SJ, Waddell MJ, Bretscher LE, Weinhold F, Raines RT, Markley JL. Collagen stability: Insights from NMR spectroscopic and hybrid density functional computational investigations of the effect of electronegative substituents on prolyl ring conformations. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002 ;124:2497-2505.
Hansen MJ, Wendt MA, Weinhold F, Farrar TC. Experimental and theoretical spin-spin coupling constants for N-15 formamide. Molecular Physics. 2002 ;100:2807-2814.
Weinhold F. Geometric representation of equilibrium thermodynamics. Accounts of Chemical Research. 2002 ;9:236-240.
Ludwig R, Behler J, Klink B, Weinhold F. Molecular composition of liquid sulfur. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. 2002 ;41:3199-3202.
Bruch LW, Weinhold F. Nuclear motion and Breit-Pauli corrections to the diamagnetism of atomic helium. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2002 ;117:3243-3247.
Westler WM, Weinhold F, Markley JL. Quantum chemical calculations on structural models of the catalytic site of chymotrypsin: Comparison of calculated results with experimental data from NMR spectroscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002 ;124:14373-14381.
Ludwig R, Weinhold F. Quantum Cluster Equilibrium theory of liquids: Isotopically substituted QCE/3-21G model water. Zeitschrift Fur Physikalische Chemie-International Journal of Research in Physical Chemistry & Chemical Physics. 2002 ;216:659-674.
Wilkens SJ, Westler WM, Weinhold F, Markley JL. Trans-hydrogen-bond (h2)J(NN) and (h1)J(NH) couplings in the DNA A-T base pair: Natural bond orbital analysis. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002 ;124:1190-1191.