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Gilbert PUPA, Rajesh D, Casalbore P, Daniels MJ, Erhardt RJ, Frazer BH, Wiese LM, Richter KL, Sonderegger BR, Gilbert B, et al. Are gadolinium contrast agents suitable for gadolinium neutron capture therapy?. Neurological Research. 2005 ;27:387-398.
Pereira G, Lachenwitzer A, Nicholls MA, Kasrai M, Norton PR, Gilbert PUPA. Chemical characterization and nanomechanical properties of antiwear films fabricated from ZDDP on a near hypereutectic Al-Si alloy. Tribology Letters. 2005 ;18:411-427.
Nicholls MA, Bancroft GM, Kasrai M, Norton PR, Frazer BH, Gilbert PUPA. Improvement of PEEM images from thick inhomogeneous antiwear films using a thin Pt coating. Tribology Letters. 2005 ;18:453-462.
Gilbert PUPA, Abrecht M, Frazer BH. The organic-mineral interface in biominerals. Molecular Geomicrobiology. 2005 ;59:157-185.
Nicholls MA, Norton PR, Bancroft GM, Kasrai M, Gilbert PUPA, Wiese LM. Spatially resolved nanoscale chemical and mechanical characterization of ZDDP antiwear films on aluminum-silicon alloys under cylinder/bore wear conditions. Tribology Letters. 2005 ;18:261-278.
Gilbert PUPA, Schmitt MA, Gellman SH. Spectromicroscopy at the organic-inorganic interface in biominerals. American Journal of Science. 2005 ;305:673-686.
Saless N, Frazer B, Franco GEL, Gilbert PUPA, Litscher S, Blank RD. Spectromicroscopy shows oxidative damage to collagen. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. 2005 ;20:S194-S194.