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Nolan AM, Amberger BK, Esselman B, Thimmakondu VS, Stanton JF, Woods RC, McMahon RJ. Carbonyl Diazide, OC(N-3)(2): Synthesis, Purification, and IR Spectrum. Inorganic Chemistry. 2012 ;51:9846-9851.
Esselman B, McMahon RJ. Effects of Ethynyl Substitution on Cyclobutadiene. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2012 ;116:483-490.
Stanton JF, Garand E, Kim J, Yacovitch TI, Hock C, Case AS, Miller EM, Lu YJ, Vogelhuber KM, Wren SW, et al. Ground and low-lying excited states of propadienylidene (H2C=C=C:) obtained by negative ion photoelectron spectroscopy. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2012 ;136.
Dawson K, Kopff LA, Zhu L, McMahon RJ, Yu L, Richert R, Ediger MD. Molecular packing in highly stable glasses of vapor-deposited tris-naphthylbenzene isomers. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2012 ;136.
Sebree JA, Kidwell NM, Selby TM, Amberger BK, McMahon RJ, Zwier TS. Photochemistry of Benzylallene: Ring-Closing Reactions to Form Naphthalene. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2012 ;134:1153-1163.
Kemnitz CR, Ball ES, McMahon RJ. Photochemistry of CpMn(CO)(3) and Related Derivatives: Spectroscopic Observation of Singlet and Triplet CpMn(CO)(2). Organometallics. 2012 ;31:70-84.
Pharr CR, Kopff LA, Bennett B, Reid SA, McMahon RJ. Photochemistry of Furyl- and Thienyldiazomethanes: Spectroscopic Characterization of Triplet 3-Thienylcarbene. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2012 ;134:6443-6454.
George L, Kalume A, Reid SA, Esselman B, McMahon RJ. Spectroscopic and computational studies of matrix-isolated iso-CXBr3 (X = F, Cl, Br): Structure, properties, and photochemistry of substituted iso-tribromomethanes. Journal of Molecular Structure. 2012 ;1025:61-68.
Sepulveda A, Swallen SF, Kopff LA, McMahon RJ, Ediger MD. Stable glasses of indomethacin and alpha,alpha,beta-tris-naphthylbenzene transform into ordinary supercooled liquids. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2012 ;137.