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Farias MAM, Kincaid VA, Annamalai VR, Kiessling LL. Isoprenoid Phosphonophosphates as Glycosyltransferase Acceptor Substrates. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2014 ;136:8492-8495.
Briegel A, Wong ML, Hodges HL, Oikonomou CM, Piasta KN, Harris MJ, Fowler DJ, Thompson LK, Falke JJ, Kiessling LL, et al. New Insights into Bacterial Chemoreceptor Array Structure and Assembly from Electron Cryotomography. Biochemistry. 2014 ;53:1575-1585.
Sheridan RTC, Hudon J, Hank JA, Sondel PM, Kiessling LL. Rhamnose Glycoconjugates for the Recruitment of Endogenous Anti-Carbohydrate Antibodies to Tumor Cells. Chembiochem. 2014 ;15:1393-1398.
Wrighton PJ, Klim JR, Hernandez BA, Koonce CH, Kamp TJ, Kiessling LL. Signals from the surface modulate differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells through glycosaminoglycans and integrins. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2014 ;111:18126-18131.
Musah S, Wrighton PJ, Zaltsman Y, Zhong XF, Zorn S, Parlato MB, Hsiao C, Palecek SP, Chang Q, Murphy WL, et al. Substratum-induced differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells reveals the coactivator YAP is a potent regulator of neuronal specification. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2014 ;111:13805-13810.
Soares JA, Kiessling LL. A Symposium in Honor of Peter B. Dervan, the 2014 ACS Chemical Biology Lectureship Award Winner. ACS Chemical Biology. 2014 ;9:1221-1223.
Courtney AH, Bennett NR, Zwick DB, Hudon J, Kiessling LL. Synthetic Antigens Reveal Dynamics of BCR Endocytosis during Inhibitory Signaling. ACS Chemical Biology. 2014 ;9:202-210.
Wong ML, Guzei IA, Kiessling LL. An Asymmetric Synthesis of L-Pyrrolysine. Organic Letters. 2012 ;14:1378-1381.
Brown CD, Rusek MS, Kiessling LL. Fluorosugar Chain Termination Agents as Probes of the Sequence Specificity of a Carbohydrate Polymerase. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2012 ;134:6552-6555.
Musah S, Morin SA, Wrighton PJ, Zwick DB, Jin S, Kiessling LL. Glycosaminoglycan-Binding Hydrogels Enable Mechanical Control of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Self-Renewal. ACS Nano. 2012 ;6:10168-10177.
Prost LR, Grim JC, Tonelli M, Kiessling LL. Noncarbohydrate Glycomimetics and Glycoprotein Surrogates as DC-SIGN Antagonists and Agonists. ACS Chemical Biology. 2012 ;7:1603-1608.
May JF, Levengood MR, Splain RA, Brown CD, Kiessling LL. A Processive Carbohydrate Polymerase That Mediates Bifunctional Catalysis Using a Single Active Site. Biochemistry. 2012 ;51:1148-1159.
Mangold SL, Prost LR, Kiessling LL. Quinoxalinone inhibitors of the lectin DC-SIGN. Chemical Science. 2012 ;3:772-777.
Kiessling LL. Recasting Biomolecules for Function. ACS Chemical Biology. 2012 ;7:1-2.
Klim JR, Fowler AJ, Courtney AH, Wrighton PJ, Sheridan RTC, Wong ML, Kiessling LL. Small-Molecule-Modified Surfaces Engage Cells through the alpha(v)beta(3) Integrin. ACS Chemical Biology. 2012 ;7:518-525.
Kiessling LL, Splain RA. Chemical Approaches to Glycobiology. In: Kornberg RD, Raetz CRH, Rothman JE, Thorner JW Vol. 79. ; 2010. pp. 619-653.
Underbakke ES, Kiessling LL. Classifying chemoreceptors: quantity versus quality. EMBO Journal. 2010 ;29:3435-3436.
Kiessling LL. Decoding Signals with Chemical Biology. ACS Chemical Biology. 2010 ;5:1-2.
Klim JR, Li L, Wrighton PJ, Piekarczyk MS, Kiessling LL. A defined glycosaminoglycan-binding substratum for human pluripotent stem cells. Nature Methods. 2010 ;7:989-U72.
Garber KCA, Wangkanont K, Carlson EE, Kiessling LL. A general glycomimetic strategy yields non-carbohydrate inhibitors of DC-SIGN. Chemical Communications. 2010 ;46:6747-6749.
Derda R, Musah S, Orner BP, Klim JR, Li L, Kiessling LL. High-Throughput Discovery of Synthetic Surfaces That Support Proliferation of Pluripotent Cells. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2010 ;132:1289-1295.
Li L, Orner BP, Huang T, Hinck AP, Kiessling LL. Peptide ligands that use a novel binding site to target both TGF-beta receptors. Molecular Biosystems. 2010 ;6:2392-2402.
Splain RA, Kiessling LL. Synthesis of galactofuranose-based acceptor substrates for the study of the carbohydrate polymerase GlfT2. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. 2010 ;18:3753-3759.
Jiarpinitnun C, Kiessling LL. Unexpected Enhancement in Biological Activity of a GPCR Ligand Induced by an Oligoethylene Glycol Substituent. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2010 ;132:8844-+.