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Kiely JD, Houston JE, Mulder JA, Hsung RP, Zhu XY. Adhesion, deformation and friction for self-assembled monolayers on Au and Si surfaces. Tribology Letters. 1999 ;7:103-107.
Bergerson WF, Mulder JA, Hsung RP, Zhu XY. Assembly of organic molecules on silicon surfaces via the Si-N linkage. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1999 ;121:454-455.
Wei LL, Hsung RP, Xiong H, Mulder JA, Nkansah NT. First stereoselective inverse demand 4+2 cycloaddition reactions of novel chiral allenamides with heterodienes. Preparation of highly functionalized 5-arylpyranyl heterocycles. Organic Letters. 1999 ;1:2145-2148.
Hsung RP, Wei LL, Sklenicka HM, Douglas CJ, McLaughlin MJ, Mulder JA, Yao LJ. Formal cycloaddition reactions of vinylogous amides with alpha,beta-unsaturated iminiums. A strategy for constructing piperidinyl heterocycles. Organic Letters. 1999 ;1:509-512.
Wei LL, Xiong H, Douglas CJ, Hsung RP. Inverse demand 4+2 cycloaddition reactions of allenamides: reactivity scopes of an electron deficient variant of allenamines. Tetrahedron Letters. 1999 ;40:6903-6907.
Hsung RP, Zificsak CA, Wei LL, Douglas CJ, Xiong H, Mulder JA. Lewis acid promoted hetero 2+2 cycloaddition reactions of aldehydes with 10-propynyl-9(10H)-acridone. A highly stereoselective synthesis of acrylic acid derivatives and 1,3-dienes using an electron deficient variant of ynamine. Organic Letters. 1999 ;1:1237-1240.
Hsung RP, Zificsak CA, Wei LL, Zehnder LR, Park F, Kim M, Tran TTT. A rare acid-promoted elimination of O-methyl oximes: A practical synthesis of 3-cyano-4-benzopyrones. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 1999 ;64:8736-8740.
Hsung RP, Shen HC, Douglas CJ, Morgan CD, Degen SJ, Yao LJ. Sequential 1,2-addition-electrocyclic ring closures involving acyclic alpha,beta-unsaturated iminiums: A formal 3+3 cycloaddition strategy to unique pyranyl spirocycles. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 1999 ;64:690-691.
Douglas CJ, Sklenicka HM, Shen HC, Mathias DS, Degen SJ, Golding GM, Morgan CD, Shih RA, Mueller KL, Seurer LM, et al. Synthesis and UV studies of a small library of 6-aryl-4-hydroxy-2-pyrones. A relevant structural feature for the inhibitory property of arisugacin against acetylcholinesterase. Tetrahedron. 1999 ;55:13683-13696.
Degen SJ, Mueller KL, Shen HC, Mulder JA, Golding GM, Wei LL, Zificsak CA, Neeno-Eckwall A, Hsung RP. Synthesis of dihydroxanthone derivatives and evaluation of their inhibitory activity against acetylcholinesterase: Unique structural analogs of tacrine based on the BCD-ring of arisugacin. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters. 1999 ;9:973-978.
Zehner RW, Parsons BF, Hsung RP, Sita LR. Tuning the work function of gold with self-assembled monolayers derived from X- C6H4-C C- (n)C6H4-SH (n = 0, 1, 2; X = H, F, CH3, CF3, and OCH3). Langmuir. 1999 ;15:1121-1127.
Hsung RP, Wulff WD, Chamberlin S, Liu Y, Liu RY, Wang H, Quinn JF, Wang SLB, Rheingold AL. Chiral ancillaries in the benzannulations of alkoxy and amino carbene complexes with alkynes. Synthesis-Stuttgart. 2001 :200-220.
McLaughlin MJ, Shen HC, Hsung RP. Chiral cycloalkylidene alpha,beta-unsaturated iminium approach to stereoselective formal 3+3 cycloaddition reaction in spiroheterocycle synthesis. Tetrahedron Letters. 2001 ;42:609-613.
Wei LL, Mulder JA, Xiong H, Zificsak CA, Douglas CJ, Hsung RP. Efficient preparations of novel ynamides and allenamides. Tetrahedron. 2001 ;57:459-466.
Xiong H, Hsung RP, Berry CR, Rameshkumar C. The first epoxidations of 1-amidoallenes. A general entry to nitrogen-substituted oxyallyl cations in highly stereoselective 4+3 cycloadditions. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2001 ;123:7174-7175.
Wei LL, Hsung RP, Sklenicka HM, Gerasyuto AI. A novel and highly stereoselective intramolecular formal 3+3 cycloaddition reaction of vinylogous amides tethered with alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes: A formal total synthesis of (+)-gephyrotoxin. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2001 ;40:1516-+.
Zificsak CA, Mulder JA, Hsung RP, Rameshkumar C, Wei LL. Recent advances in the chemistry of ynamines and ynamides. Tetrahedron. 2001 ;57:7575-7606.
Zehnder LR, Wei LL, Hsung RP, Cole KP, McLaughlin MJ, Shen HC, Sklenicka HM, Wang JS, Zificsak CA. Stereoselective trans- and cis-dihydroxylations of 2H-pyranyl and dihydropyridinyl heterocycles synthesized from formal 3+3 -cycloaddition reactions of alpha,beta-unsaturated iminium ions with 1,3-dicarbonyl equivalents. Organic Letters. 2001 ;3:2141-2144.
McLaughlin MJ, Hsung RP. Total syntheses of pyranoquinoline alkaloids: Simulenoline, huajiaosimuline, and (+/-)-7-demethoxyzanthodioline. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2001 ;66:1049-1053.
Darwish OS, Granum KA, Tan Q, Hsung RP. An unexpected ring-opening of a 2-pyrone ring at low temperatures. A mild and expeditious synthesis of novel coumarins. Tetrahedron Letters. 2001 ;42:3283-3286.
Xiong H, Hsung RP, Shen LC, Hahn JM. Chiral enamide. Part 1: Epoxidations of chiral enamides. A viable approach to chiral nitrogen stabilized oxyallyl cations in 4+3 cycloadditions. Tetrahedron Letters. 2002 ;43:4449-4453.
Cole KP, Hsung RP. The first enantioselective total synthesis of (-)-arisugacin A. Tetrahedron Letters. 2002 ;43:8791-8793.
Mulder JA, Hsung RP, Frederick MO, Tracey MR, Zificsak CA. The first stereoselective Ficini-Claisen rearrangement using chiral ynamides. Organic Letters. 2002 ;4:1383-1386.
Huang J, Xiong H, Hsung RP, Rameshkumar C, Mulder JA, Grebe TP. The first successful base-promoted isomerization of propargyl amides to chiral ynamides. Applications in ring-closing metathesis of ene-ynamides and tandem RCM of diene-ynamides. Organic Letters. 2002 ;4:2417-2420.
Rameshkumar C, Xiong H, Tracey MR, Berry CR, Yao LJ, Hsung RP. NMR studies on epoxidations of allenamides. Evidence for formation of nitrogen-substituted allene oxide and spiro-epoxide via trapping experiments. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2002 ;67:1339-1345.
McLaughlin MJ, Hsung RP, Cole KP, Hahn JM, Wang JS. A novel and highly stereoselective approach to aza-spirocycles. A short total synthesis of 2-epi-(+/-)-perhydrohistrionicotoxin and an unprecedented decarboxylation of 2-pyrones. Organic Letters. 2002 ;4:2017-2020.
Sklenicka HM, Hsung RP, McLaughlin MJ, Wei LI, Gerasyuto AI, Brennessel WB. Stereoselective formal 3+3 cycloaddition approach to cis-1-azadecalins and synthesis of ((-))-4a,8a-diepi-pumiliotoxin C. Evidence for the first highly stereoselective 6 pi-electron electrocyclic ring closures of 1-azatrienes. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002 ;124:10435-10442.
Cole KP, Hsung RP, Yang XF. The total synthesis of (+/-)-arisugacin A. Tetrahedron Letters. 2002 ;43:3341-3345.