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Raman N, Lee MR, Lopez ADR, Palecek SP, Lynn DM. Antifungal activity of a beta-peptide in synthetic urine media: Toward materials-based approaches to reducing catheter-associated urinary tract fungal infections. Acta Biomaterialia. 2016 ;43:240-250.
Appadoo V, Carter MCD, Lynn DM. Controlling the surface-mediated release of DNA using 'mixed multilayers'. Bioeng. Transl. Med. 2016 ;1:181-192.
Carter MCD, Lynn DM. Covalently Crosslinked and Physically Stable Polymer Coatings with Chemically Labile and Dynamic Surface Features Fabricated by Treatment of Azlactone-Containing Multilayers with Alcohol-, Thiol-, and Hydrazine-Based Nucleophiles. Chemistry of Materials. 2016 ;28:5063-5072.
Zayas-Gonzalez YM, Lynn DM. Degradable Amine-Reactive Coatings Fabricated by the Covalent Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Poly(2-vinyl-4,4-dimethylazlactone) with Degradable Polyamine Building Blocks. Biomacromolecules. 2016 ;17:3067-3075.
Raman N, Marchillo K, Lee M-R, Lopez Ade LRodr, Andes DR, Palecek SP, Lynn DM. Intraluminal Release of an Antifungal β-Peptide Enhances the Antifungal and Anti-Biofilm Activities of Multilayer-Coated Catheters in a Rat Model of Venous Catheter Infection. ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. 2016 ;2:112-121.
Carter MCD, Jennings J, Speetjens FW, Lynn DM, Mahanthappa MK. A Reactive Platform Approach for the Rapid Synthesis and Discovery of High chi/Low N Block Polymers. Macromolecules. 2016 ;49:6268-6276.
Choi JW, Carter MCD, Wei W, Kanimozi C, Speetjens FW, Mahanthappa MK, Lynn DM, Gopalan P. Self-Assembly and Post-Fabrication Functionalization of Microphase Separated Thin Films of a Reactive Azlactone-Containing Block, Copolymer. Macromolecules. 2016 ;49:8177-8186.
Kratochvil MJ, Welsh MA, Manna U, Ortiz BJ, Blackwell HE, Lynn DM. Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surfaces that Prevent Bacterial Surface Fouling and Inhibit Virulence Phenotypes in Surrounding Planktonic Cells. Acs Infectious Diseases. 2016 ;2:509-517.
Manna U, Raman N, Welsh MA, Zayas-Gonzalez YM, Blackwell HE, Palecek SP, Lynn DM. Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surfaces that Prevent Microbial Surface Fouling and Kill Non-Adherent Pathogens in Surrounding Media: A Controlled Release Approach. Advanced Functional Materials. 2016 ;26:3599-3611.
Carter MCD, Jennings J, Appadoo V, Lynn DM. Synthesis and Characterization of Backbone Degradable Azlactone-Functionalized Polymers. Macromolecules. 2016 ;49:5514-5526.
Jain R, Faith NG, Milkowski A, Nelson K, Busche D, Lynn DM, Czuprynski CJ, Abbott NL. Using Chemoattractants to Lure Bacteria to Contact-Killing Surfaces. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2016 ;55:5698-5702.
Raman N, Lee M-R, Lynn DM, Palecek SP. Antifungal activity of 14-helical β-peptides against planktonic cells and biofilms of Candida Species. Pharmaceuticals. 2015 ;8:483-503.
Guo XR, Manna U, Abbott NL, Lynn DM. Covalent Immobilization of Caged Liquid Crystal Microdroplets on Surfaces. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2015 ;7:26892-26903.
Manna U, Lynn DM. Fabrication of Liquid-Infused Surfaces Using Reactive Polymer Multilayers: Principles for Manipulating the Behaviors and Mobilities of Aqueous Fluids on Slippery Liquid Interfaces. Advanced Materials. 2015 ;27:3007-3012.
Kratochvil MJ, Tal-Gan Y, Yang T, Blackwell HE, Lynn DM. Nanoporous Superhydrophobic Coatings that Promote the Extended Release of Water-Labile Quorum Sensing Inhibitors and Enable Long-Term Modulation of Quorum Sensing in Staphylococcus aureus. ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. 2015 ;1:1039-1049.
Holden MT, Carter MCD, Wu CH, Wolfer J, Codner E, Sussman MR, Lynn DM, Smith LM. Photolithographic Synthesis of High-Density DNA and RNA Arrays on Flexible, Transparent, and Easily Subdivided Plastic Substrates. Analytical Chemistry. 2015 ;87:11420-11428.
Yu Y, Si Y, Bechler SL, Liu B, Lynn DM. Polymer Multilayers that Promote the Rapid Release and Contact Transfer of DNA. Biomacromolecules. 2015 ;16:2998-3007.
Carter MCD, Miller DS, Jennings J, Wang XG, Mahanthappa MK, Abbott NL, Lynn DM. Synthetic Mimics of Bacterial Lipid A Trigger Optical Transitions in Liquid Crystal Microdroplets at Ultra low Picogram-per-Milliliter Concentrations. Langmuir. 2015 ;31:12850-12855.
Manna U, Lynn DM. Synthetic Surfaces with Robust and Tunable Underwater Superoleophobicity. Advanced Functional Materials. 2015 ;25:1672-1681.
Lee MR, Raman N, Gellman SH, Lynn DM, Palecek SP. Hydrophobicity and Helicity Regulate the Antifungal Activity of 14-Helical beta-Peptides. ACS Chemical Biology. 2014 ;9:1613-1621.
Muller JPE, Aytar BS, Kondo Y, Lynn DM, Abbott NL. Influence of the phase state of self-assembling redox mediators on their electrochemical activity. AIChE Journal. 2014 ;60:1381-1392.
Raman N, Lee MR, Palecek SP, Lynn DM. Polymer multilayers loaded with antifungal beta-peptides kill planktonic Candida albicans and reduce formation of fungal biofilms on the surfaces of flexible catheter tubes. Journal of Controlled Release. 2014 ;191:54-62.
Speetjens FW, Carter MCD, Kim M, Gopalan P, Mahanthappa MK, Lynn DM. Post-Fabrication Placement of Arbitrary Chemical Functionality on Microphase-Separated Thin Films of Amine-Reactive Block Copolymers. Acs Macro Letters. 2014 ;3:1178-1182.
Broderick AH, Stacy DM, Tal-Gan Y, Kratochvil MJ, Blackwell HE, Lynn DM. Surface Coatings that Promote Rapid Release of Peptide-Based AgrC Inhibitors for Attenuation of Quorum Sensing in Staphylococcus aureus. Adv. Healthcare Mater. 2014 ;3:97-105.
Carlton RJ, Zayas-Gonzalez YM, Manna U, Lynn DM, Abbott NL. Surfactant-Induced Ordering and Wetting Transitions of Droplets of Thermotropic Liquid Crystals "Caged" Inside Partially Filled Polymeric Capsules. Langmuir. 2014 ;30:14944-14953.
Broderick AH, Lynn DM. Covalent layer-by-layer assembly using reactive polymers. Funct. Polym. Post-Polym. Modif. 2013 :371-406.
Broderick AH, Carter MCD, Lockett MR, Smith LM, Lynn DM. Fabrication of Oligonucleotide and Protein Arrays on Rigid and Flexible Substrates Coated with Reactive Polymer Multilayers. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2013 ;5:351-359.
Tocce EJ, Liliensiek SJ, Broderick AH, Jiang Y, Murphy KC, Murphy CJ, Lynn DM, Nealey PF. The influence of biomimetic topographical features and the extracellular matrix peptide RGD on human corneal epithelial contact guidance. Acta Biomaterialia. 2013 ;9:5040-5051.
Manna U, Zayas-Gonzalez YM, Carlton RJ, Caruso F, Abbott NL, Lynn DM. Liquid Crystal Chemical Sensors That Cells Can Wear. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2013 ;52:14011-14015.
Yerushalmi SM, Buck ME, Lynn DM, Lemcoff NG, Meijler MM. Multivalent alteration of quorum sensing in Staphylococcus aureus. Chemical Communications. 2013 ;49:5177-5179.
Manna U, Lynn DM. Patterning and Impregnation of Superhydrophobic Surfaces Using Aqueous Solutions. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2013 ;5:7731-7736.
Saurer EM, Jewell CM, Roenneburg DA, Bechler SL, Torrealba JR, Hacker TA, Lynn DM. Polyelectrolyte Multi layers Promote Stent-Mediated Delivery of DNA to Vascular Tissue. Biomacromolecules. 2013 ;14:1696-1704.
Aytar BS, Muller JPE, Kondo Y, Talmon Y, Abbott NL, Lynn DM. Redox-Based Control of the Transformation and Activation of siRNA Complexes in Extracellular Environments Using Ferrocenyl Lipids. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2013 ;135:9111-9120.
Bechler SL, Si Y, Yu Y, Ren J, Liu B, Lynn DM. Reduction of intimal hyperplasia in injured rat arteries promoted by catheter balloons coated with polyelectrolyte multilayers that contain plasmid DNA encoding PKC delta. Biomaterials. 2013 ;34:226-236.
Manna U, Carter MCD, Lynn DM. "Shrink-to-Fit" Superhydrophobicity: Thermally-Induced Microscale Wrinkling of Thin Hydrophobic Multilayers Fabricated on Flexible Shrink-Wrap Substrates. Advanced Materials. 2013 ;25:3085-3089.
Aytar BS, Muller JPE, Kondo Y, Abbott NL, Lynn DM. Spatial Control of Cell Transfection Using Soluble or Solid-Phase Redox Agents and a Redox-Active Ferrocenyl Lipid. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2013 ;5:8283-8288.
Manna U, Kratochvil MJ, Lynn DM. Superhydrophobic Polymer Multilayers that Promote the Extended, Long-Term Release of Embedded Water-Soluble Agents. Adv. Mater. (Weinheim, Ger.). 2013 ;25:6405-6409.
Broderick AH, Breitbach AS, Frei R, Blackwell HE, Lynn DM. Surface-Mediated Release of a Small-Molecule Modulator of Bacterial Biofilm Formation: A Non-Bactericidal Approach to Inhibiting Biofilm Formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Adv. Healthcare Mater. 2013 ;2:993-1000.
Aytar BS, Muller JPE, Golan S, Hata S, Takahashi H, Kondo Y, Talmon Y, Abbott NL, Lynn DM. Addition of ascorbic acid to the extracellular environment activates lipoplexes of a ferrocenyl lipid and promotes cell transfection. Journal of Controlled Release. 2012 ;157:249-259.
Buck ME, Lynn DM. Azlactone-functionalized polymers as reactive platforms for the design of advanced materials: Progress in the last ten years. Polymer Chemistry. 2012 ;3:66-80.
Bechler SL, Lynn DM. Characterization of Degradable Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Fabricated Using DNA and a Fluorescently-Labeled Poly(beta-amino ester): Shedding Light on the Role of the Cationic Polymer in Promoting Surface-Mediated Gene Delivery. Biomacromolecules. 2012 ;13:542-552.
Aytar BS, Muller JPE, Golan S, Kondo Y, Talmon Y, Abbott NL, Lynn DM. Chemical oxidation of a redox-active, ferrocene-containing cationic lipid: Influence on interactions with DNA and characterization in the context of cell transfection. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 2012 ;387:56-64.
Manna U, Broderick AH, Lynn DM. Chemical Patterning and Physical Refinement of Reactive Superhydrophobic Surfaces. Advanced Materials. 2012 ;24:4291-+.
Broderick AH, Manna U, Lynn DM. Covalent Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Water-Permeable and Water-Impermeable Polymer Multilayers on Highly Water-Soluble and Water-Sensitive Substrates. Chemistry of Materials. 2012 ;24:1786-1795.