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Pizzey CL, Pomerantz WC, Sung B-J, Yuwono VM, Gellman SH, Hartgerink JD, Yethiraj A, Abbott NL. Characterization of nanofibers formed by self-assembly of β-peptide oligomers using small angle x-ray scattering. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2008 ;129:095103/1-095103/8.
Pizzey CL, Jewell CM, Hays ME, Lynn DM, Abbott NL, Kondo Y, Golan S, Tahnon Y. Characterization of the nanostructure of complexes formed by a redox-active cationic lipid and DNA. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2008 ;112:5849-5857.
Jewell CM, Hays ME, Kondo Y, Abbott NL, Lynn DM. Chemical Activation of Lipoplexes Formed from DNA and a Redox-Active, Ferrocene-Containing Cationic Lipid. Bioconjugate Chemistry. 2008 ;19:2120-2128.
Miller CA, Hernandez-Ortiz JP, Abbott NL, Gellman SH, De Pablo JJ. Dipole-induced self-assembly of helical β-peptides. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2008 ;129:015102/1-015102/10.
Kinsinger MI, Buck ME, Campos F, Lynn DM, Abbott NL. Dynamic Ordering Transitions of Liquid Crystals Driven by Interfacial Complexes Formed between Polyanions and Amphiphilic Polyamines. Langmuir. 2008 ;24:13231-13236.
Miller CA, Gellman SH, Abbott NL, De Pablo JJ. Mechanical stability of helical beta-peptides and a comparison of explicit and implicit solvent models. Biophysical Journal. 2008 ;95:3123-3136.
Pomerantz WC, Yuwono VM, Pizzey CL, Hartgerink JD, Abbott NL, Gellman SH. Nanofibers and lyotropic liquid crystals from a class of self-assembling beta-peptides. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2008 ;47:1241-1244.