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Lynn DM, Mohr B, Grubbs RH. Living ring-opening metathesis polymerization in water. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1998 ;120:1627-1628.
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Zhang JT, Fredin NJ, Janz JF, Sun B, Lynn DM. Structure/property relationships in erodible multilayered films: Influence of polycation structure on erosion profiles and the release of anionic polyelectrolytes. Langmuir. 2006 ;22:239-245.
Zhang J, Fredin NJ, Lynn DM. Apparent dewetting of ultrathin multilayered polyelectrolyte films incubated in aqueous environments. Langmuir. 2007 ;23:11603-11610.
Sun B, Jewell CM, Fredin NJ, Lynn DM. Assembly of multilayered films using well-defined, end-labeled poly(acrylic acid): Influence of molecular weight on exponential growth in a synthetic weak polyelectrolyte system. Langmuir. 2007 ;23:8452-8459.
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Jewell CM, Fuchs SM, Flessner RM, Raines RT, Lynn DM. Multilayered films fabricated from an oligoarginine-conjugated protein promote efficient surface-mediated protein transduction. Biomacromolecules. 2007 ;8:857-863.
Zhang J, Montanez SI, Jewell CM, Lynn DM. Multilayered films fabricated from plasmid DNA and a side-chain functionalized poly(beta-amino ester): Surface-type erosion and sequential release of multiple plasmid constructs-from surfaces. Langmuir. 2007 ;23:11139-11146.
Fredin NJ, Zhang J, Lynn DM. Nanometer-scale decomposition of ultrathin multilayered polyelectrolyte films. Langmuir. 2007 ;23:2273-2276.
Lynn DM. Peeling back the layers: Controlled erosion and triggered disassembly of multilayered polyelectrolyte thin films. Advanced Materials. 2007 ;19:4118-4130.
Hays ME, Jewell CM, Lynn DM, Abbott NL. Reversible condensation of DNA using a redox-active surfactant. Langmuir. 2007 ;23:5609-5614.
Kinsinger ML, Sun B, Abbott NL, Lynn DM. Reversible control of ordering transitions at aqueous/liquid crystal interfaces using functional amphiphilic polymers. Advanced Materials. 2007 ;19:4208-+.
Zhang J, Lynn DM. Ultrathin multilayered films assembled from "Charge-Shifting" cationic polymers: Extended, long-term release of plasmid DNA from surfaces. Advanced Materials. 2007 ;19:4218-+.