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Lee JH, Zhang DY, Hughes C, Okuno Y, Sekhar A, Cavagnero S. Heterogeneous binding of the SH3 client protein to the DnaK molecular chaperone. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2015 ;112:E4206-E4215.
Vega CA, Kurt N, Chen ZJ, Rudiger S, Cavagnero S. Binding specificity of an alpha-helical protein sequence to a full-length Hsp70 chaperone and its minimal substrate-binding domain. Biochemistry. 2006 ;45:13835.
Jungbauer LM, Cavagnero S. Characterization of protein expression and folding in cell-free systems by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry. 2006 ;78:2841-2852.
Kurt N, Rajagopalan S, Cavagnero S. Effect of Hsp70 chaperone on the folding and misfolding of polypeptides modeling an elongating protein chain. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2006 ;355:809-820.
Jungbauer LM, Bakke CK, Cavagnero S. Experimental and computational analysis of translation products in apomyoglobin expression [Review]. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2006 ;357:1121-1143.
Bakke CK, Jungbauer LM, Cavagnero S. In vitro expression and characterization of native apomyoglobin under low molecular crowding conditions. Protein Expression & Purification. 2006 ;45:381-392.
Ellison PA, Cavagnero S. Role of unfolded state heterogeneity and en-route ruggedness in protein folding kinetics. Protein Science. 2006 ;15:564-582.
Chen ZJ, Kurt N, Rajagopalan S, Cavagnero S. Secondary structure mapping of DnaK-bound protein fragments: Chain helicity and local helix unwinding at the binding site. Biochemistry. 2006 ;45:12325.
Chow C, Kurt N, Murphy RM, Cavagnero S. Structural characterization of apomyoglobin self-associated species in aqueous buffer and urea solution. Biophysical Journal. 2006 ;90:298-309.