Glass Shop

Master glassblower Tracy Drier, photo by Jeff MillerThe Glass Shop at the Department of Chemistry provides glassblowing services for chemistry faculty, students, and staff. The Glass Shop is well-equipped to meet your scientific and research needs.


Tracy Drier
1101 University Ave.
Room B201
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608.262.9896
Fax: 608.262.0381

Learn more about Glass Shop Services, including capabilities and procedures, or view samples of Glass Shop work.

Upcoming Outreach Events

Burdock-Vary Symposium: New Illuminations: Art-Nature-History

March 3-4, 2017, Memorial Library

This symposium brings together contributors to a newly burgeoning mode of work that sits at and defies the boundaries between scholarly research and creative art related to nature and the history of science. How does research on past scientific ideas and practices inform art? How do present-day scientific, historical, and experiential methods help us understand the relations between artistic and scientific practices of the past and open new relations in the present? Just how does work that bridges science, history, and art, or that merges scholarship and creative production, disrupt the traditional conventions of artistic and scholarly spaces? Conversely, what sorts of spaces can provide suitable homes for such work? Scholars, artists, and scholar-artists at all career levels at the UW-Madison will join invited external speakers to present their responses to these questions and engage in group reflection on how we might advance this work in all its forms. Learn more about the symposium.

Videos Featuring the Glass Shop