Gravity Filtration

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Selecting a Receiving Container
Selecting a Funnel
Selecting the Filter Paper
Folding the Filter Paper
Placing the Paper in the Funnel
Transferring the Mixture to the Funnel
Washing the Solid
Drying the Solid
Collecting the Solid or Filtrate
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Folding the Filter Paper


Video. Folding the paper. (No audio)

The paper should be folded to provide a large amount of surface area (and also to fit better in the funnel). Folding filter paper in the manner described below is a simplified version of the folding procedure (also known as 'fluting' the filter paper).

Fold a piece of large-diameter filter paper in half, then into quarters, and finally into eighths. Unfold the paper and place it fluted into the funnel.

Fold the paper along the dotted lines shown in the diagrams below:


IMAGE 1. Fold the filter paper in half.

IMAGE 2. Fold in half again (into quarters).

IMAGE 3.Fold in half again (into eighths).

IMAGE 4. The filter paper after folding.