Graduated Cylinder

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Types of Measurements
Reading the Volume from a Graduated Cylinder

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10-mL Graduated Cylinders
25-mL Graduated Cylinders
100-mL Graduated Cylinders

Reading the Volume from a Graduated Cylinder


Determine the volume contained in a graduated cylinder by reading the bottom of the meniscus at eye level. Read the volume using all certain digits and one uncertain digit. Certain digits are determined from the calibration marks on the cylinder. The uncertain digit (the last digit of the reading) is estimated.

Depending on the size of the graduated cylinder and the graduations, the uncertain digit may be to the milliliter ( 1X ), the tenth of a milliliter ( 1.X ), or the hundredth of a milliter ( 1.1X ). You will have to look at the graduated cylinder to determine how many digits to record!

See the sample readings provided as Additional Topics for an outline of how to read volumes from several common graduated cylinders.