Solid State Resources CD

Solid State Lecture Program

B-B trays

Bubble raft

Specific Heat of Metals

Specific Heat of Metals II



Curie point of nickel

Unit Cell Models

Pennies to make unit cells

NaCl Crystal Cleavage

Crystals Videotape

Computer simulation of NaCl Crystal Cleavage

Optical Transformation Kit

Octahedral, hexaganol and tetrahedral models

Chrome Alum crystal

Sound of Indium and Tin

Thermoluminescent NaCl

Jars of Sand representing electron flow in a band

Temperature dependance on resistance - Choke coil

Thermal conductivity of metals

Silver Mirror

Glycerine tube representing hole energies

Counting Photons Using a Solar Cell

Effect of Pressure on the melting of ice

Dancing Flowers

Memory metal



Synthesis of NiAl