Acid-Base Properties of Amino Acids

Curdling of Milk

Denaturing and Precipitating Proteins

Enzymatic Activity of Glucose Oxidase

Gel Filtration Chromatography

HIV-1 Protease: An Enzyme at Work

Precipitating Genomic DNA

Studying Enzyme Kinetics using Catalase

What Color is Egg White?

Binding of Coomassie Brilliant Blue to Egg Albumin

Blood Glucose Meter

Breaking Down Sucrose using Invertase

Color Reactions of Amino Acids

Dialysis of a solution

Effect of pH on Protein Solubility

Enzyme Catalyzed Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide

Enzyme Kinetics: Experiments with Catalase Extract

Halting the Briggs-Rauscher Reaction

Hydrolysis of Wool in Strong Base

Dyeing of Wool with Martius Yellow

Protein Synthesis