UW Madison Chemistry Newsletter for 6/23/2014

XXXVIII - No. 20 June 23rd, 2014

Below are the results of last month's elections for chairs of the various programs in the Department.
Analytical:  Lloyd Smith
Chem Bio:  Helen Blackwell
General:  Gil Nathanson
Inorganic:  Thomas Brunold
Materials:  Kyoung-Shin Choi
Organic:  Steve Burke
Physical:  Arun Yethiraj

Thanks to each of these individuals for their service and leadership! Thanks also to John Berry and Laura Kiessling, whose terms formally conclude on July 1st.

Sunday, August 10th, 2014 - Department Special Event, 5:00 pm, Grand Ballroom C. "Department Reception at ACS National Meeting (San Francisco)"
Monday, August 18th, 2014 - Inorganic Seminar, 3:30 pm, Room 1315 Chemistry. Prof. Koyshik Venkatesan, University of Zurich "Seminar -TBA"
Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 - Organic Seminar, 3:30 pm, 8335. Dr. Manabu Abe Professor of Chemistry, Hiroshima University, Japan "Organic Seminar"
Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 - Department, Materials, Physical Lecture, 4:00 pm, 1610 Engineering Hall. Professor Joanna Aizenberg, Harvard University "Kramer Lecture"
Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 - Inorganic Seminar, 3:30 pm, Room 1315 Chemistry. Prof. Susan Kauzlarich, University of California - Davis "Seminar -TBA"
Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 - Inorganic Seminar, 3:30 pm, Room 1315 Chemistry. Prof. Roald Hoffmann, Cornell University "McElvain TBD"
Friday, September 19th, 2014 - Department Colloquium, 3:30 pm, 1315 Chemistry (Seminar Hall). Dr. William Banholzer, UW Madison Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering/Chemistry "William Banholzer - Department Colloquium"
Monday, September 22nd, 2014 - Materials Seminar, 3:30 pm, 1315 Chemistry (Seminar Hall). Prof. Joshua Goldberger, Ohio State University "Materials Seminar"
Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 - Organic Seminar, 3:30 pm, 1315 Chemistry. Professor Guangbin Dong, UT Austin "Organic Seminar"
Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 - Inorganic Seminar, 3:30 pm, Room 1315 Chemistry. Prof. Wenbin Lin, The University of Chicago "Seminar -TBA"
Friday, September 26th, 2014 - Department Colloquium, 3:30 pm, 1315 Chemistry. Professor Andrew Jorgensen, University of Toledo "Department Colloquium"

Charge Segregation and Low Hydrophobicity Are Key Features of Ribosomal Proteins from Different Organisms.
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Insights into the Mechanism of Deubiquitination by JAMM Deubiquitinases from Cocrystal Structures of the Enzyme with the Substrate and Product.
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Construction of a Photometer as an Instructional Tool for Electronics and Instrumentation.
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Copyright © 2014 Thomson ISI

Pure Oleochemicals, Inc. is seeking qualified candidates to fill the position of a Senior Chemist/Chemical Engineer for our growing technology company. This person is responsible for the fabrication of polymeric membranes, completing separation experiments, and characterizing the results using different spectroscopic techniques. Experience with polymer chemistry, membranes, and separations is highly desired. This person will work closely with others in the company to design experiments and to interpret the results. Furthermore, this person is responsible for managing the day to-day activities in the Pure Oleochemicals lab, including management of personnel, stewardship of lab equipment, publishing test results, and assisting in the successful commercialization of the Pure Oleochemicals membrane technology for molecular purification and separation as directed by the management team.
Pure Oleochemicals is a start-up company that launched in late 2013 out of the University of Iowa. This company has proprietary membranes for the separation of key organic molecules used in numerous industrial applications. This company is headquartered in Iowa City.
The essential job functions for this position include:
     •    Will conduct research and experiments as directed by company management
     •    Will incorporate systems and controls necessary to assure integrity of all test results and quality
     •    Will follow acceptable organic chemistry laboratory procedures as well as safety protocols
     •    Participation in meetings with the research team, management team, customers and other parties to ensure that his colleagues are aware of relevant issues related to technological and other developments in the lab
     •    Will use several instruments like nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and gas chromatography in order to analyze materials and results of tests conducted in lab
     •    Will be responsible for lab maintenance and test equipment maintenance
Qualified candidates will meet these requirements:
     •    A Masters degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, or a related field as required is a minimum
     •    A PhD in either chemistry, chemical engineering, or a related field is desirable and preferred.
     •    Should have experience working with organic chemicals, membranes, polymers, and/or
     •    Understands relevant safety and governmental issues surrounding safe and compliant operation of            a lab engaged in organic chemistry experiments and tests.
Qualified candidates should send a cover letter explaining why they would like to be considered as a
candidate for this position, their resume, letters of reference, and any other supporting information to:

Chemist II - VALVE, Minneapolis VAST. The Valspar Corporation is the fourth largest global manufacturer and distributor of paints and coatings. Due to its continued global growth, Valspar is currently seeking
a Chemist to work at our Minneapolis, MN VAST facility.
This position plans and performs the technical research, development, and commercialization process specifically for the Fusion Bonded Epoxy Valve Coating market. Responsibilities may include working with multiple technology platforms, assigned to projects of moderate scope, and coordinating the patent process for projects. This role performs advanced projects, generally working with expanding existing technology, and has general expertise regarding product lines and application methods.
     •    Performs advanced analyses, tests, and development of new or updated formulas using sound design methodologies that require specialized understanding of chemistry, product lines, and materials; determines quality standards.
     •    Develops and adjusts the product formulas and coding and oversees the development of test batches and production scale formulas.
     •    Applies working knowledge of business group operations and application methods to assist with
          implementing project objectives, product systems, budgets, timelines, and other requirements.
     •    Responds to complex questions and concerns from plants, research technicians, quality control,
          customers and other internal and external parties regarding development, applications, quality
          assurance, and related programs and services.
     •    Develops reports and documents detailing project processes, results, and conclusions; recommends additional actions or research.
     •    Interprets and applies department policies and procedures and applicable laws, rules, and regulations; ensures compliance with these areas.
     •    Serves as a team member for projects that are moderate to large in nature and independently carries out project tasks and provides professional technical support to the product development, quality  control, manufacturing processes, and other operations.
     •    Operates, cleans, and calibrates a variety of specialized equipment that requires professional
          judgment and background; also utilizes technical or standard equipment during the course of
     •    Assists with managing smaller or less complex projects to ensure daily tasks and project objectives
          are completed.
     •    May supervise or serve as a lead to lower level technicians or support personnel performing research projects.
     •    Performs other duties as assigned.
     •    Bachelor's degree in Chemistry or equivalent education and experience. Advanced degree preferred.
     •    Three - Five years of industrial chemistry experience within the paint and/or coatings industry,
          including experience leading projects from a technical perspective within the paint and/or coatings
          industry. Valve and water transportation market specific knowledge, complete and thorough
          understanding of FDA, NSF and UL requirements, 5-10 years experience in fusion bonded epoxy
     •    Applying advanced professional chemistry principles and practices;
     •    Performing specialized formulation tasks;
     •    Applying application methods and procedures;
     •    Interpreting and applying department policies and procedures and applicable laws, rules, and
     •    Working with quality standards;
     •    Solving technical problems and recommending solutions;
     •    Interpreting data and developing reports;
     •    Prioritizing project tasks;
     •    Providing and communicating technical information;
     •    Applying commercialization principles and practices;
     •    PC skills; Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Minitab, Outlook); and other
          applicable applications;
     •    Communicating with co-workers to provide and receive direction.
     •    Currently this position is not eligible for visa sponsorship.
Valspar offers a very competitive compensation program consisting of base salary and performance bonus program, medical and dental coverage, medical disability and life insurance coverage, dependent and health care reimbursement accounts and various retirement wealth accumulation programs. Valspar is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  To learn more about the Valspar Corporation, please visit our websites at: www.valsparglobal.com. To view all current Valspar career opportunities, please visit our careers website at: careers.valsparglobal.com. Please apply online if qualified and interested in learning more about this opportunity. https://ch.tbe.taleo.net/CH04/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=VALSPAR&cw....


A three-year postdoctoral position will be available at the Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki starting 01.09.2014. We are looking for highly motivated, active, and innovative individuals with completed PhD in physics or chemistry. The multidisciplinary experimental research will focus on molecular conformation, intermolecular interaction, and chemical reactions at low temperatures. This position offers an opportunity to develop research career in a modern and highly multidisciplinary environment at the frontier between physics, chemistry, optics, biosciences, and materials science.
Optical spectroscopy (FTIR, Raman, photoluminescence) in solid phase is the main research method. The following background and skills are expected from applicants: (i) General knowledge of physical chemistry and molecular spectroscopy and (ii) Practical experience in optical spectroscopy. Knowledge of cryogenic technique, lasers, biochemistry, and computational methods is of advantage. A strong ability to collaborate with others is required.
Contact Leonid Khriachtchev at: leonid.khriachtchev@helsinki.fi.
Please submit all newsletter information or address changes to: goldade@chem.wisc.edu or 262-0293. Thanks.